[VIDEO] Dem Politician Warns Party That Joe Biden’s Presidency Feels Like “Elder Abuse”

[VIDEO] Dem Politician Warns Party That Joe Biden’s Presidency Feels Like “Elder Abuse”

New York Democrat Laura Curran has a message for her party – a party she believes has lost its way.


Curran, who ran in 2021 against a Republican and lost, thinks the Democrat Party is the party of “weakness” right now, and she’s laying the blame at Joe Biden’s shaky old feet.


I have said this time and time again, the biggest problem Joe Biden has is Joe Biden. And it’s not even his epically bad policies – although that’s not helping him any – it’s mainly his state of mind.

It’s clear to anyone who’s ever watched Joe Biden try to speak, that he has some very serious mental fitness issues.

Now, I am not a doctor, but I grew up with a grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. She lived with my family for a long time, and I see “her” in Joe’s eyes all the time. The stuff he does reminds me so much of her… The good and bad days, repeating stories over and over with different details each time, not remembering simple words or phrases, constant confusion, angry outbursts, looking lost, and slurring.

And just because the media refuses to talk about it, doesn’t mean we the people don’t notice what’s going on.

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As a matter of fact, the media and politicians not talking about Joe’s mental issues makes the whole situation even more bizarre and obvious that something’s wrong.

Well, now one politician is speaking up – and ironically it’s a Dem.

And she’s so worried about what’s happening to her party, that she’s calling Joe out and using the “elder abuse” term.

Conservative Brief reported that New York Democrat who lost a race last year to a Republican is warning that the party is set for major losses during this year’s midterm while also noting that she believes President Biden is being abused and manipulated by those in his administration.


Former Nassau County Executive Laura Curran blasted her party and the president during a Saturday appearance on Fox News’ “Watters World,” which was guest-hosted by “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade.

“Unfortunately, my party, the Democratic Party, just conveys weakness right now. It almost feels like elder abuse with what’s going on with President Biden. He has a hard time putting a sentence together. I think everyone gets nervous listening to him talk; he’s going to mess up,” she predicted.

“What we need always, and especially now, is someone who exudes confidence and competence. Someone who sets a reassuring tone. And we’re not getting that at the top right now, and unfortunately, I think your previous guest, Karl Rove, is absolutely right. I think it’s going to be a bloodbath for the Democrats in the midterms,” Curran continued.


While the Handlers and the media run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to help Joe boost his poll numbers with goofy stunts at the beach with a new puppy, the real issue is that Joe IS a weak, feeble-minded old man, and there’s nothing anyone can do about that.


And Americans will never believe that a man who appears to have full-blown Alzheimer’s is fit to be president.

It’s scary and disturbing to watch someone THAT confused be in “charge” of anything.

Laura is right. It definitely looks and feels weak.

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