[VIDEO] Grab Your Kleenex: Canadian Kids Record Messages of “Thanks” to Freedom Truckers

[VIDEO] Grab Your Kleenex: Canadian Kids Record Messages of “Thanks” to Freedom Truckers

Oh good lord, it’s barely 10:00 am, and I am already getting weepy at my Mac.


I was perusing the internet looking for interesting things to share with you, and I found a doozy.

It’s a video clip of all these amazing Canadian patriots standing outside in the freezing cold to cheer on the #FreedomTruckers who are driving in a massive convoy to Canada’s capital of Ottawa to protest the country’s vaccine mandates.

But the audio on the clip is all Canadian kids who are calling into a phone bank and leaving messages of “thanks” for the truckers who are fighting for their freedom.

It’s really quite touching and makes you think about who are the real “heroes” in this world.

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Are they athletes who make zillions of dollars and live “baller lifestyles,” or is it a simple working-class trucker who is taking a stand for all the people who feel forgotten and trampled over?

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I’d argue for the latter.

Grab your Kleenex, you might need it for this one.


By the way, Justin Trudeau is so “shook” by the caravan, which he calls “fringe,” that he’s now barricading himself in his house so he doesn’t have to face it.


Justin wants you to believe that Canadians don’t support the truckers and that they’re just a group of crazies who don’t represent Canada’s values.

I think Justin has sniffed too much shoe polish and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

2019's 'black face' scandal still haunting Trudeau | Toronto Sun

These #FreedomTruckers have inspired and uplifted so many people, in Canada and far beyond.


Those of us who want freedom of choice outnumber the FRINGE who are imposing absurd Draconian rules and regulations.

Never forget that no matter what the globalists and their phony polls say.

Keep fighting.

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