[VIDEO] Geraldo Rivera Eats “Humble Pie,” Apologizes to Unvaccinated After He Catches COVID

[VIDEO] Geraldo Rivera Eats “Humble Pie,” Apologizes to Unvaccinated After He Catches COVID

The great awakening is upon us, everyone. When you’re right, and you stay the course and keep fighting, the truth will come out and you will prevail.


And that’s what we’re seeing now. Joe’s entire COVID messaging and agenda is collapsing all around him, as his precious vaccines and booster proves they are not working as they were marketed to work.

You’ll recall, for MONTHS we were told that taking the vaccine would guarantee your life would return to normal. You could throw away your mask and leave your house and rejoin society with absolutely no barriers.

That’s what they all said, over and over, and over again.

And speaking of that… I found this video online yesterday, it’s brilliant and clever, and exposes the entire “plandemic” in a funny, but true way.

Trust me, you’ll want to watch this:

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And don’t forget, Joe Biden also went on CNN and told the world that if you take the vaccine, you will NOT catch COVID.

That messaging and marketing is a top reason that many people agreed to get the vaccine. They wanted their lives back, and they didn’t want to catch COVID.

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Well, fast-forward and here we are with everyone and their vaccinated brother catching COVID, and nobody has their life back, as was promised.

Now, the new marketing phase has started: The vax will make your COVID case “mild.”

Spoiler Alert: Most cases of COVID are mild, regardless of your vax status. That’s why it has a nearly 100% survival rate.ย 

Many vaccinated people are pushing this new “mild case” messaging, claiming if they didn’t have COVID, they’d be on a ventilator. There’s zero “science” to back up their claims. It’s just propaganda.

And speaking of the vaccinated catching COVID, look what this vaccinated ATHLETE just said about his experience with COVID:

That poor guy is sicker than a dog. Sicker with the vaccine than he was without it when he caught COVID.

Are you seeing patterns here?


Well, one former rabid vax-pusher sure is seeing patterns, and he’s also ready to eat some humble pie.

Geraldo Rivera, who has spewed a lot of hate and vitriol at the unvaccinated, is now ready to apologize, after he tested positive for COVID even though he’s TRIPLE vaxxed.

You can watch the video below:

More and more people are waking up.

Did you know that nearly 50 million people watched the Joe Rogan show with “controversial” canceled Dr. Peter McCullough?


When you tell Americans they “can’t” watch or listen to something, it makes them want to watch and listen more… and that’s why the left’s censorship plan will fail.

You’re seeing the implosion right now.

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