[VIDEO] Goldie Hawn Turns Hollywood on It’s Head With Statement on Politics, “I Stay in My Lane”

[VIDEO] Goldie Hawn Turns Hollywood on It’s Head With Statement on Politics, “I Stay in My Lane”

It’s so refreshing and lovely when a Hollywood actor or actress comes out and says “I don’t talk politics.”


Especially nowadays when every nutty actor thinks his or her political opinion matters, and they don’t.

Trust me, they really, really don’t matter…

But one amazing actress stands out in this sea of rabid progressive celebrities – it’s Goldie Hawn and she appeared on Megyn Kelly’s talk show to explain how she steers clear of politics because she wants to connect with everyone.


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The Blaze reported that Hawn appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” on Friday, where she was asked about Hollywood’s political activism that is off-putting to many Americans.

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“I think it’s why it drives people crazy when Hollywood tries to act holier than thou and starts lecturing middle America about morality and so on,” said host Megyn Kelly. “And you know, these people sitting in Iowa who have never done any, they’ve never tried to put someone on a casting couch … They’re like, ‘You could save your lectures for somebody else.'”

“A lot of Hollywood has a lot of missions, right? And you know, you want to put your name onto something that you believe in, but it doesn’t make a difference. And that’s the reality,” said Hawn, who has been an actress since the 1960s and has 38 acting credits under her name.

Hawn admitted, “I stay in my lane.”

“But the reality is, is that if we want to do anything, we want to do it for all people, not just for a group or whatever,” noted the “Overboard” movie star.

“What makes polarity even more is creating teams on either side of the aisle,” the Oscar-winning actress continued. “And I don’t think that’s what we do. I think we entertain. I think we bring awareness to people, just of their ability to laugh, to have joy, to experience it, to cry. We are emotional beings and create emotion in others. And it’s in this case, I think we’re in service.”


You can watch the video below:

I knew there was a reason I always liked her and Kurt Russell.


It’s funny, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Goldie’s daughter, Kate Hudson, get political either.

Very refreshing and we all wish more celebrities would act this way.

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