GOP Cruz Floats Impeaching Biden Over Border Policy If Republicans Wins Majority

GOP Cruz Floats Impeaching Biden Over Border Policy If Republicans Wins Majority

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) predicts a Republican victory of the House in 2023 and the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

Cruz said on the most recent edition of the Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast, “I’m extremely hopeful about 2022.” “I believe that the Republicans will win the House of Representatives by a margin of 90/10, and it may even be higher.”

According to Cruz, Republicans’ chances of capturing the Senate were “not good,” but “I’d put our chances at 50%,” he said. It’s going to be a great year but the map is terrible.

The Texas senator thinks that if the Republican Party gains control of the House of Representatives, impeachment will soon be on the agenda.

There may be some severe inquiries of Biden’s administration if the Democrats win the House, he suggested.

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It’s possible, Cruz added, that a Republican-controlled House of Representatives might impeach Vice President Biden. Regardless of whether or not they were warranted, the democrats used impeachment as a weapon. Those who disagreed with Trump utilized it for political reasons to target him. In the long run, the more you weaponize it and make it into a political caucus, you lose sight of the maxim that “whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Cruz claimed that Republicans would react if Democrats break the rules of impeachment. To initiate impeachment procedures, I believe a republican-controlled house will be under a lot of pressure. Impeachment might be justified on several reasons, in my opinion.

Probably the most appealing aspect of President Biden’s approach to enforcing the border is his total disregard for the law. Immigration laws will be deified by his actions, Cruz claimed.

There may be other reasons for impeachment than that, but it’s the strongest one right now.




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