Greg Kelly Just Fired The First REAL “Media” Shot at Joe Biden’s “Legitimacy”

Greg Kelly Just Fired The First REAL “Media” Shot at Joe Biden’s “Legitimacy”

The Big Lie…


The left says the “Big Lie” is about the 2020 election and President Trump claiming it wasn’t the most perfect, fair and righteous election in all the land.

The media, Dems, and many in the GOP expect us to believe that an unprecedented election during a “pandemic,” with a bazillion unprecedented mail-in ballots, with rules changing on the fly, and nobody checking anything, was a well-oiled machine of American greatness.


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And then on top of all that hooey, they want us to believe that a senile old man who has a 50-year reputation as a do-nothing political joke, who hardly left his basement to campaign, won a HISTORIC 81 million votes and created a political movement bigger than Trump and Obama.

Do you believe that?

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Many people don’t, and for good reason.

But if you talk about it, the Dems, media, and even many in the GOP will label you a “Q-kook” and a domestic terrorist.

These are the same people who spent 4 years calling Trump’s presidency “illegitimate” based on a complete and utter hoax.

So, as a result, right-wing politicians and media people usually steer clear of the topic.

They’re scared. 

But one guy who isn’t scared is Newsmax reporter Greg Kelly.


And he just fired the first official “media” shot about Joe’s “legitimacy” as s0-called “president”… and he did it ALL IN CAPS to drive the point home.

Greg was responding to Joe’s tweet about getting a booster shot.

Here’s what he said: “STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT BOZO. TRUMP WON.”

I love that tweet. It’s very direct and to the point, right?

People online loved it, too:

“You’re a legend Greg Kelly!!” 

“I wish more in the media were open and unafraid like this” 

“It’s refreshing to see someone in the media say this, because there are so many cowards out there.” 

“Hey Greg, thanks for not forgetting us. This issue still matters” 

“Gregs’ simple sentence will rock the internet because it’s true!


“Joe’s gotten so bad lately, makes the 81 million story harder to believe.” 


I think after watching what’s unfolded with Biden’s failed admin – all the mistakes, missteps, and blunders, more and more people are now questioning the legitimacy of his so-called “presidency.”

And you can’t blame them, can you?

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