Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Noticed Something Interesting About Joe Biden Today and Put 2+2 Together

Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Noticed Something Interesting About Joe Biden Today and Put 2+2 Together

Today was an exhausting day, filled with so much political theatre, it was hard to get through. But we made it, the last candlelight vigil has ended (I think), and hopefully, this will be the last “national day of remembering Nancy Pelosi’s missing podium.”


Imagine if Joe Biden and the Dems cared as much about the American people as they do about themselves? Because that’s what January 6th was about… smelly peasants invading the elite’s castle.

They’re not “mourning” or “remembering” for anyone but themselves, and that’s what makes all of this so sickening.

For most Dems it was an opportunity to appear patriotic, something they know nothing about. Let’s face it, they hate this country.

But for Joe Biden it was something quite different. From my perspective, Joe Biden was hoping to distract from his terrible poll numbers and appear like a powerful leader.

But that didn’t happen. As with every situation that involves Biden, the whole thing went sideways for him.

And I thought Greg Kelly of Newsmax really drilled down and nailed what was going on with Biden today.

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Greg was all over Joe from the get-go.

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And one thing he noticed was how ANGRY and agitated Joe was… and Greg has a theory, and I think he’s right.

Check it out:

“He’s PISSED about everything. TRUMP drives him NUTS because Trump supporters love the guy. Other than JILL and sometimes HUNTER, no one Loves Joe. Even his own DOG hated him. MEAN ANGRY GUY. Lost Afghanistan and That “Build Back What”

I think Greg is spot-on here. I think Trump is a constant reminder to Joe what a failure he is. Trump and this day in particular, are constant reminders that Joe has no support, no love from the American people, his legitimacy is always in question, and the only mandate he had (COVID) he blew. He’s got nothing, and when Joe is faced with anything that’s “Trump-related” he’s reminded of all that negativity, and he gets very agitated.


Greg goes on to say…

“If Joe was so confident in his “victory” he wouldn’t be this ANGRY and DEFENSIVE.”

Again, no, he wouldn’t. As simplistic is this might sound, Trump triggers Joe. Whatever mess is happening inside Joe’s brain, it’s unable to compute and handle “Trump.”

Greg finishes up by saying: “I finally figured it out. That JANUARY SIXTH is another DISTRACTION meant to keep us from asking Questions about the NOVEMBER 3, 2020 ELECTION. Joe was so Weirdly Aggressive and DEFENSIVE today. What the hell REALLY happened in AZ, NV, GA, PA, MI, WS?!?!?!”

Again, I agree. I think everything Dems do is designed to distract from what happened in 2020.

Let’s face it – they know that we know.


And the one person who keeps stoking those 2020 fires is President Trump. Just the accusation alone humiliates Joe, who probably thinks he actually won.

Joe is insecure over 2020 and can’t control his emotions and that’s why he lashes out in bizarre anger.

Dems are scared over 2020 and 2024, and that’s why they’re desperately trying to make January 6th into the next “Pearl Harbor.”

And all if it was on full display today, for the entire world to see.

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