[VIDEO] Harris Faulkner Can’t Believe What She’s Seeing as Biden’s Governor’s Meeting Descends Into Chaos

[VIDEO] Harris Faulkner Can’t Believe What She’s Seeing as Biden’s Governor’s Meeting Descends Into Chaos

Fox News host Harris Faulkner is at a loss for words after Biden’s little get-together descends into chaos when he “accidentally” says he’ll take questions.


Her face really says it all.

Biden was “meeting” with governors to hash out the ever-growing list of problems facing the country.

But everything is such a mess with this admin, that nobody knows what they’re doing, or if they’re coming or going… and it’s showing more and more.

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Clearly, nobody has told Joe Biden that he’s not mentally “fit” to take questions because he keeps offering to do so, and when he does, the “bodyguard goon squad” in his admin begin feverishly shouting at reporters to leave and herding them out of the room.

And once again, that’s exactly what happened.

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Joe stopped talking and told a room full of reporters “why don’t I stop and take any questions you have…”

Obviously, reporters started asking questions, then Joe said, ” and they tell me I am supposed to call on Gov. Cox first…”

Again, who’s “they,” and why can’t reporters stay in the room?


You can watch the video below:

Harris looks like she’s had it with this gong show of an admin, and I don’t blame her.


Not only are the Handlers hiding Joe from reporters, but they give him an “approved list” of who he’s allowed to call on and speak to.

After a year of this behavior, it’s starting to get old for everyone, and Harris is expressing that exhaustion over the stale and failed “Joe Show.”

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