Kamala Cannot Break a Tied Vote for “SCOTUS Nominee” According to Top Biden Legal Ally

Kamala Cannot Break a Tied Vote for “SCOTUS Nominee” According to Top Biden Legal Ally

There’s a lot of back and forth going on with this SCOTUS nominee.


TIME Magazine put out a piece claiming the GOP could sink Biden’s nominee, and in less than 24-hours they had to retract it, claiming they were wrong.

So, when I saw this latest piece, I was hesitant, but it’s a staunch Biden ally and a Harvard Law professor making the claim, so I’ll report on it and see what happens.

If you’re familiar with Laurence Tribe, you know he’s a hardcore Biden/Harris ally and as I mentioned above, he’s also a Harvard Law Professor.

And he’s saying that Kamala Harris can not be the “tie-breaker” in a SCOTUS vote.

It’s not just him saying it, he says it’s the Constitution saying it.

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Daily Caller reported that Laurence Tribe, a Harvard Law professor and legal ally of President Joe Biden’s administration, has stated that vice presidents do not have the authority to make a tie-breaking vote for a Supreme Court nominee’s approval in the Senate.

News of Justice Stephen Breyer’s intent to retire broke Wednesday, though the 87-year-old has not formally announced the move. The news puts Biden in the position of having to pass a nominee through a 50-50 Senate, raising the question of whether Harris can cast a tie-breaking vote.


Tribe has previously advised the administration on at least one questionable legal move: the extension of a federal eviction moratorium in August.

Tribe previously weighed in on the issue in September of 2020, when he argued “the vice president doesn’t have the power to break a tie” on an appointment. Tribe made the statement as Republicans were gearing up to approve former President Donald Trump’s final SCOTUS nominee, then-judge Amy Coney Barrett.

“While the vice president has the power to cast a tiebreaking vote to pass a bill, the Constitution does not give him [or her] the power to break ties when it comes to the Senate’s “Advice and Consent” role in approving presidential appointments to the Supreme Court,” he wrote.


Well, that means we need to get Manchin or Sinema on our side, and we cannot let Collins, Murkowski, or Romney (or any other RINO) flip to their side, which could happen so easily.

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