[VIDEO] Hawaii Govt Officials Post 40-Second Pro-Vax Clip That’s SO DISTURBING, They Delete it Immediately 

[VIDEO] Hawaii Govt Officials Post 40-Second Pro-Vax Clip That’s SO DISTURBING, They Delete it Immediately 

One of my key problems with this vaccine is the propaganda our government and Big Pharma are unleashing to push it, and the censorship surrounding it. That’s what makes me the most suspicious. If I can’t openly talk about something, that raises a lot of red flags. If you’re giving away free donuts to entice people to take this vaccine, I will have a problem with that, especially when the obese are getting hit hardest from COVID.


And that brings me to this extremely disturbing animated video clip that government officials in Hawaii posted and then quickly deleted.

It’s a 40-second pro-vax clip, that will blow your mind. It centers around an aminated little girl (Keiki ) thinking about her New Year’s resolutions.

Should she save money? NO.

Should she eat healthily and lose weight? NO.

Should she get out and exercise? NO.

So what should she do to stay healthy?

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Well, get the VACCINE, of course…

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When Hawaii government officials posted this, the backlash was so severe; they had to delete it right away.

Daniel Fransisco, a man running for office in New Jersey saw it online before they deleted it and he has a copy of that clip.


Here’s what people online are saying:


“That video was appalling. Yet it appeals to probably 90% of Americans. Something difficult but tremendous payoff, nah just give me the pill/shot.”

“Talk about promoting government dependency, fat, poor, and vaccinated” 

“That is precisely why we were a high hanging curveball for this virus, as whole we are tremendously unhealthy and are slaves to perpetual Big Pharma “treatments” that cure nothing.”

“This is foolish and dangerous messaging” 

“Only useful idiots will agree with this message”

“Utter insanity of the U.S. government under leftist rule”

“I don’t know how to better stress that you should not do this”

“Don’t exercise, don’t eat healthier, don’t save money, but do get vaccinated because it’s about health…” 

“After living in Hawaii, I have very specific feelings about this ad that if voiced would get me suspended from the bird app.”

“The State is the enemy”

This is NOT the messaging that our government should send to anyone, ever.

Leading a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, and exercising is good NO MATTER WHAT.

Our government, knows full well that obese people are getting the brunt of COVID, so they should be pushing public service announcements on healthy eating and losing weight non-stop.

But they’re not doing that.


The fact that they’re doing the opposite, and encouraging people to stay poor, overweight, and NOT exercise raises about a bazillion red flags for me.

How ’bout you?

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