Valentine’s Day Is On The Horizon! Hey Men, Check Out MyPillow Specials NOW!!

Valentine’s Day Is On The Horizon! Hey Men, Check Out MyPillow Specials NOW!!

The ideal pillow was made famous by Mike Lindell and MyPillow… and within a few months, thousands of them had been sold.

Lindell’s MyPillows are a household name. Many of you have also heard of the awesome Giza cotton sheets and swear by them if you ever get the chance to own them.

Visit and receive up to 50% off your product purchase! Think about your loved one and get your order in now.

Not many people, on the other hand, are aware of such items as the weighted blanket, body pillows, plush pajamas, or mattress toppers.

More than a handful of my listeners have expressed their gratitude for Mike Lindell’s items and their enthusiasm for the website. That’s why I’m so excited to share the news of a new sale with you. is now giving a 50% off discount on Sleepwear, Sheets, 2″ mattress topper, blankets, quilts and comforters.

Using the coupon code WAYNE, you may save money on your order at


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