Hillary Claims Women Have Never Appeared on U.S. Quarter…The Internet Was Happy to Prove Her Wrong

Hillary Claims Women Have Never Appeared on U.S. Quarter…The Internet Was Happy to Prove Her Wrong

Hillary continues humiliating herself online.


She’s on a roll lately. This is about the 3rd “Hillary Humiliates Herself” type story I’ve done over a very short period of time.

This time she really stepped in it, though.

In her attempt to pretend to be a “feminist,” Hillary got a tad too excited and declared that 2022 was the first year that a woman had appeared on the US quarter.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

The first woman who officially appeared on a quarter was actually in 1893, but I guess she was “close,” right?

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The New York Times reported that the first woman to be featured on a U.S. coin was Queen Isabella of Spain, who was honored on a quarter released in 1893 for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

Susan B. Anthony was the first woman to be featured on a circulating U.S. coin; the silver dollar with her image on it was released in 1979. (A dollar coin featuring Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who helped Lewis and Clark across the plains, was produced from 2000 to 2008.)

And then, if that wasn’t bad enough, Daily Wire reported that on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton, ever-interested in trying to fawn obsequiously over any women’s issue, proved that although she’s getting up in years, she still can offer an opinion easily disproven by facts, championing a report from the “newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics and policy” that trumpeted, “Beginning in 2022, women’s faces will appear on quarters for the first time.”

Clinton tweeted, “2022 is the first year women’s faces will appear on U.S. quarters. It’s about time.”


One problem: Clinton’s beloved Washington Post titled an article on March 24, 2003, “Helen Keller Quarter Coins a Breakthrough.” The article stated:

Helen Keller, the activist, writer and lecturer left blind and deaf by childhood illness, graces the side of a new “Alabama” quarter — her image stamped alongside her name written in Braille — issued by the U.S. Mint last week.

It is the first coin in circulation to feature Braille. …

The coin is the 22nd state quarter the Mint has issued since it began the series in 1999. The design won out over thousands of proposals submitted to a contest sponsored by Alabama’s former governor Don Siegelman (D). The Mint issued the coin last week, offering it for sale on its Web site and formally launching the coin today. But Bailey said several more weeks of circulation likely will be needed before area residents can begin to find the coin in their pockets.


Here are the replies from folks online:

“Susan B Anthony was on a dollar coin. Way to go. You’re applauding a 75% decline in women’s value.”

“FACTS: We had Lady Liberty on quarters continuously from 1796 to 1930, In 1916 and 1917 the US minted quarters with Lady Liberty’s bare breast shown, Queen Isabella appeared on Columbian commemorative quarters in 1893, Helen Keller appeared on the Alabama state quarter in 2003”

“The other women who have appeared on quarters weren’t politically useful to her so they don’t count”

“Looks like this won’t be the first year you don’t straight up lie to the American people!”

“Is there anything, anything at all, about which she won’t lie?”

“the first woman’s face to appear on a quarter was in 1893 but at least you tried”

“Helen Keller was on the quarter in the early 2000s, you lying, disingenuous, partisan hack.”


Maya Angelou will be featured on the first new quarter, starting circulation in February; a quarter featuring astronaut Sally Ride will follow.

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