Shock Jock Howard Stern Thinks Hospitals Should Shun Unvaxxed If They Show Up For Treatment!

Shock Jock Howard Stern Thinks Hospitals Should Shun Unvaxxed If They Show Up For Treatment!

Howard Stern informed his audience that if he were in control, hospitals would refuse to treat unvaccinated individuals who were suffering from Covid-related ailments.

On Wednesday’s episode of Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show, a caller by the name of Aaron voiced dissatisfaction with the money being spent on unvaccinated individuals who get sick with Covid.

“What do you think about allowing the epidemic run free and spreading among the unvaccinated?” he inquired of Stern.

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“If it were up to me, anybody who was not vaccinated would not be admitted to a hospital,” Stern remarked, as the caller quipped, “Send them home with a bottle of Robitussin.”

He went on to criticize the ideas of unvaccinated individuals who “don’t trust our government.” They believe that there is some kind of plot to transform them into a magnet or anything along those lines. They believe that once they get the vaccination, they will become magnetized.”

“I’ve taken this vaccination three times and the worst adverse effect I’ve experienced is a little headache for a day,” Stern said of his personal experience with getting vaccinated and boosted.

He agreed with the caller that “it is your civic responsibility,” and he went on to say that “no one is sitting there scheming against you.” Americans are opposed to the development of a vaccination that would transform you into a robot or magnetize you. There are currently enough Americans who have taken it. Consider us to be a representative group in which nothing has occurred to us. It’s past time for you to understand it.”

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Stern continued by adding, “Now, if you don’t understand it, in my America, all hospitals would lock their doors to you.” “You’re going to go home and die.”

Stern has been a vociferous opponent of the unvaccinated, especially prominent personalities, and has even mocked conservative radio presenters who died of the illness after defying vaccination regulations.

“Screw them, fu** their freedom. “I want the freedom to live my life,” Stern said in September.




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