Ilhan Omar Attempts Revision History; Claims Republican Playbook Same As Old Segregationist Playbook

Ilhan Omar Attempts Revision History; Claims Republican Playbook Same As Old Segregationist Playbook

On Tuesday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) sent a tweet in which she accused Republicans of participating in “racist garbage,” drawing parallels between today’s Republicans and segregationists during the Jim Crow period (who were Democrats).

According to her, “the Republican game today is exactly the same as the segregationist plan during Jim Crow.” “Make it more difficult for Black people to vote in places where there are a disproportionate number of Black people.”

“It was racist crap then, and it is racist garbage today,” she said.

The Howard University School of Law’s website has a section on the “Jim Crow Era.”

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“From around 1865 to 1877, federal laws provided visible protection for former slaves and free blacks; it wasn’t wholly miserable to be an African American, especially in the South,” according to this Howard University School of Law website. “However, as the Southern economy continued to deteriorate, Democrats gained control of Southern legislatures and utilized intimidation techniques to discourage black voting beginning in the 1870s.

“Tactics included brutality against blacks, which persisted far into the twentieth century,” the report said. “Lynchings were a widespread kind of terrorism used to scare blacks. It is important to recall that the Democrats and Republicans of the late nineteenth century were substantially different from their modern incarnations. Republicans throughout the Civil War and immediately thereafter were literally Lincoln’s party and anathema to the South.

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“As white, Southern Democrats seized control of the former Confederate states’ legislatures, they started enacting more stringent voter registration and election rules, as well as legislation segregating blacks and whites,” according to the Howard University School of Law’s website.




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