Teaser Trailer Review: Janet Jackson Documentary Sure To Raise More Questions And End Many Speculations!

Teaser Trailer Review: Janet Jackson Documentary Sure To Raise More Questions And End Many Speculations!

It seems that Janet Jackson has finally broken her silence on Michael Jackson’s alleged child abuse and it will be available for everyone to see in the next few weeks.

During the newest teaser for Janet, a two-night documentary due to run on Lifetime and A&E on Jan. 28th, Janet is questioned whether the claims against Michael have had an effect on her career.

“Mom, how do you feel about Mike?” Her mother, Katherine Jackson, was in the trailer, and Janet inquired about her motherhood.

Katherine answered, “I can’t,”

At one point, Janet says, “There’s a lot of scrutiny that comes with having that last name,” in response to the claims.

Janet is heard saying, “Yeah, guilty by association—I suppose that’s what they call it, right?” when someone asks whether the accusations against Michael have damaged her career.

It’s like they build you up, and then they slash you to pieces as soon as you reach your goal.

Her 2004 Super Bowl performance with Justin Timberlake, during which she suffered a wardrobe malfunction and momentarily exposed her breasts, is also highlighted in the teaser.

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Even though Janet was barred from the Grammys as a result of the incident, Timberlake was unaffected.

Janet is informed in the teaser that Timberlake and his crew have been trying to reach her about a Super Bowl performance, which presumably means he has asked her to perform with him again in 2018.

The documentary may give some insight on why Janet didn’t join Timberlake on stage that night. For whatever reason, this looks like a must see event and many in the industry will be on the edge of these seats watching and listening to this extraordinary woman of music.

I don’t say I love too many public figures but I love her innocence and hate how a mishap at the Superbowl basically exiled her from music but now we will all get our answers.

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