DUPREE: If Joe Biden Has Lost Defender Jake Tapper; He’s Really In Trouble

DUPREE: If Joe Biden Has Lost Defender Jake Tapper; He’s Really In Trouble

Amidst the chaos of Joe Biden’s long press conference earlier this week, the Confuser-in-Chief fell over his own party’s narrative time and time again. What could be his greatest mistake was his presumption that the 2022 presidential election would not go his way.

“It all depends,” Biden said when asked whether the 2022 midterm results would be genuine, according to PJ Media’s Matt Margolis. Voting rights legislation must be passed in order for the election to be deemed genuine by President Obama, he says.

Jake Tapper of CNN is the first to admit that Biden’s response is a mess. Despite Tapper’s misrepresentation of history, he nailed Biden’s dilemma. Tapper countered a fellow panelist’s judgment by saying:

“Since 2015, since Donald Trump came down that escalator, the idea of sowing doubt in election results has been something that Democrats and reporters and the public have not liked about Donald Trump. And I am certainly not going to compare what Joe Biden just said, President Biden just said with Donald Trump’s history when it comes to the Big Lie on the elections. But he [Joe Biden] refused to say that the election results in these midterms in November would be legitimate.”

I think Tapper is right. There is no way to compare Joe Biden’s estimate of the 2020 race to President Trump’s. They are a lot worse. Along with his remarks in Atlanta on the voting legislation, Biden accuses state governments of systematically preventing blacks from exercising their right to vote. No proof of voter suppression has been shown to support this claim in any recent election.

Republicans have approved new election laws in some Republican-led states to pull back the exclusions granted in 2020 because of the epidemic. Extra security measures like requiring voter identification for mail-in votes and eliminating 24-hour drive-through voting are just a few examples. These safeguards were not in place in either 2016 or 2018, yet voter participation was high in both years. A new practice, such as the $400 million distributed by internet billionaire Mark Zuckerberg via a non-profit to create Biden turnout machinery, is likewise prohibited by the regulations.

President Trump’s assertions were based on fact. This year’s presidential election was a trainwreck. The ballot-counting process was halted in large counties in many critical states at the same time. Many states’ election rules were altered as a result of the outbreak, which was used as a pretext by courts. As if the optics weren’t bad enough, Time magazine revealed a “shadow campaign” in which almost every important institution in the nation worked together to sway the result of the election.

Everything from press coverage of the Bidens to AFL-CIO-Chamber of Commerce alliances were covered. Story also hinted at linkages between riot-inciting activist organizations and those seeking to influence election results.

The author provided details on how the plan to distribute millions of dollars throughout the nation to hire election workers was put together. Everyone who had any reservations about the outcome of the election felt as if they had been poked in the eye by the revelations. Participants sounded like they were boasting about their accomplishments. And Trump and his supporters could do nothing about it.

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The 2020 election was not the most secure in history, and I wish he had handled it better and his staff had been more explicit in their message. Tapper also has a faulty sense of history. 50,000 votes separated Stacey Abrams from losing the Georgia gubernatorial election in 2018. She hasn’t bowed out and continues to blame her defeat on voting fraud. That fictional water is carried for her by the Democrats and the corporate media, especially CNN. Hillary Clinton continues to blame Russian influence for her defeat and claims that Donald Trump is a Putin asset. CNN covered the issue for four years, and Buzzfeed’s publication of the fake Steele Dossier led to CNN breaking the scoop on air.

With Joe Biden’s statements and lack of trust in the electoral process, Tapper gets a sense that it will be more difficult for the “Big Lie” and false January 6 stories to continue. We should all hope he’s right for everyone’s sake.

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