[VIDEO] Country Superstar Jason Aldean Brings Down The House at Mar-a-Lago

[VIDEO] Country Superstar Jason Aldean  Brings Down The House at Mar-a-Lago

Last night President Trump and Melani hosted a New Year’s Eve gala at Mar-a-Lago that was a political star-studded extravaganza.


It was wonderful to see – after all, last year, thanks to the sham 2020 election, President Trump and Melania canceled all their NYE plans.

Who could blame them, right? 

So, this party was a barn-burner, complete with black-tie, gowns, and a superstar celebrity entertainer.

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As you likely know by now, Jason Aldean and his gorgeous very-conservative wife are big, outspoken Trump supporters.

The Aldeans were Trump’s special guests, and he had them seated in the very front row.

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But the highlight of the night was when Jason got on stage and performed for President Trump, Melania, and all the guests.


Was a great show!


I love this picture of Jason and his wife Brittany:

That party looked awesome!

I have a feeling that President Trump is really looking forward to 2022.


I think we’ll be scoring a lot of amazing victories.

Stary the course and keep fighting!

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