[VIDEO] Psaki Claims Joe is SO BUSY He Has “No Time to Think”… But His Schedule Says Opposite

[VIDEO] Psaki Claims Joe is SO BUSY He Has “No Time to Think”… But His Schedule Says Opposite

There’s a reason Joe’s so-called “presidency” is compared to the ‘Truman Show.”


Joe’s “presidency” is smoke and mirrors… a total facade, complete with painted scenery, rehearsed lines, and a gag reel that plays on loop.

The debacle we all see and hear daily is ignored by the media and politicians and re-written by a staff of political fiction writers, who turn it into something much better.

We’re not seeing Joe trip and fall up the Air Force One steps three times. We’re watching a strong, capable Joe succumb to “climate change” and get briefly thrown off his game by a nasty gust of wind.

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We’re not watching Joe confusedly stammer and blubber and lose his train of thought. We’re watching a hero claim victory over his childhood stutter.

We’re not being led by a shaky, feeble, confused old man. We’re under the ever-watchful eye of a strong leader who’s so busy, he doesn’t have time to think.

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I know that the last one sounds totally laughable and you probably think I made it up, right?

But I didn’t.

That’s what Jen Psaki says about Joe.

According to spin doctor Jen, they (his admin) keep Joe so busy, they never give him any free time or any time to think.


They honestly expect you to believe this.


Apparently, Jen is not aware of how many “lids” Joe calls or the over 30 trips he’s taken back home to Delaware.

And when you look at Joe’s schedule for today, he has zero public events.

Sounds real “busy.” 🙄

“Jen Psaki just now: “We never give Biden any free time or any time to think” Biden literally has no public events today…”

Here’s a closeup of Joe’s schedule:

I don’t know about you, but from the looks of that, I think Joe will be able to “think.”

I mean, I don’t have a lot of confidence in what he’ll be thinking, but he’ll certainly have time to give it a try.

What’s most absurd in all of this, is how, after everything we’ve all seen and heard from bumbling Joe, that his Handlers are still trying to make it seem as if he is actually running the show.

Like this confused old man who looks and sounds like he should be in a memory care ward, is so involved and busy, that he has no “free time.”


How they can say this stuff with a straight face is pretty impressive. I’ll give them that much.

But the truth is this – if you asked most Americans what they thought Joe was doing during the day, I’d bet a million bucks the number the top response would be “napping.”

And they’d probably be right.

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