[VIDEO] Jen Psaki Tells Frustrated Americans to Take a “Kickboxing Class” or “Drink a Margarita”

[VIDEO] Jen Psaki Tells Frustrated Americans to Take a “Kickboxing Class” or “Drink a Margarita”

Jen Psaki just had her very own “Let Them Eat Cake” moment.

Biden’s spin doctor just stepped in a mountain of manure with her latest unbelievably tone-deaf advice to frustrated and worried Americans.


As you know, the nation is suffering from high inflation, bare shelves, raging COVID, a stagnant economy, and Americans losing their jobs over a vaccine that doesn’t even work, and so they’re justifiably nervous, worried, and frustrated.

Not to mention we have a so-called “president” that a vast swath of the public thinks is illegitimate, who has some kind of very serious cognitive issue. Is it Dementia, or Alzheimer’s? Nobody knows exactly which one it is, but we know it’s real because Joe Biden looks and sounds like a senile buffoon.

And his senility is causing more and more problems – especially foreign policy ones.

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Americans have had enough and they’re pissed.

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So, what does Jem Psaki have to say about all this and the very real and raw anger and concern from the American people?

Well, she thinks you should just take a chill pill and go kickboxing, or have a margarita…

What an elitist snob.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people have to say about Jen’s snobby comment:

““Let them drink Margaritas” sounds better than “Let them eat cake””

“Gas has doubled in price…have a margarita! Groceries are scarcely available and much more expensive…have a margarita! Crime is destroying American cities…have a margarita!”

“People struggling to buy groceries and put gas in their vehicles with increased prices yet Psaki thinks they have money to go to kickboxing classes and buy alcohol?”

“The margarita shelves are empty, you idiot!”

“”Go to the places we shut down””

“If you’re mad at us, hit stuff and drink liquor. Stellar, just stellar governance.”

“The beautiful thing about privileged libs is they think everybody is a privileged lib like them”

“You hear that, family of 4 who can afford its grocery bill? “GO GET A MARGARITIA! GO TAKE A KICKBOXING CLASS!” “

“Condescending, Disrespectful, Communist Jen. We have stolen your country, no go play sheeple! #ENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE”

“How about we just kick the frauds out.”

“this is the advice you are handing out? Out of touch much? Due to the decisions of this administration, many citizens cannot afford kickboxing classing or margaritas.

“Jen Psaki and Biden are so out of touch with the real world, it indeed is scary. Can we fast-forward to 2024 already?”

“This is NOT a Saturday Night Live skit. Just to be clear.”

“Can she volunteer to be the the kickboxing bag? Just a suggestion. “

“People can’t afford their heating bills, they can’t afford chicken anymore, and the stuff they can afford isn’t on the grocery store shelves, but this elitist idiot @PressSec
says you should take a kickboxing class and have a margarita. Unbelievable levels of snobbery & elitism”

Biden and his team are completely and totally out of touch with the American people.


They are elitist snobs, who don’t know what it’s like to have to “budget” so you can afford to grocery shop and pay your heating bill.

And I am certain they haven’t seen bare grocery shelves in their life.

This is shameful, but it’s not surprising, and this is why Americans plan to KICKBOX Dems right out of a job.

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