[VIDEO] Psaki Forced to Stand There and Listen While Reporter Rattles Off Biden’s Failures For Over One-Minute Straight

[VIDEO] Psaki Forced to Stand There and Listen While Reporter Rattles Off Biden’s Failures For Over One-Minute Straight

Jot this day down in your calendar, because this could be the worst day in Biden’s admin yet, and that’s saying a lot because he’s had some pretty bad days.


But, today went exceptionally bad because so much stuff hit the fan and Joe, all at once.

Today Biden’s vax mandate got crushed, his federalized election tyranny is dead, inflation is soaring to 40-year-highs, and his approval is 33 percent.

Yes, in case you didn’t hear, Biden’s quest to blow up the Senate, and the filibuster has officially failed.

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Both Sinema and Manchin have said they will NOT vote to do away with the filibuster.

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Joe heard the news and had a bizarre meltdown, randomly shouting “COUNT THE VOTES.”


There’s a lot going wrong right now, and this reporter – not sure who he is – asked Jen Psaki about all the failure.

And Jen was forced to stand there for one-minute straight while the reporter rattled off a laundry list of Biden failures (and he still didn’t list everything).

I liked it when the reporter asked if it was finally time to change out the WH leadership.

Do you mean get rid of Joe and Kamala? Great idea!

Of course, as always Jen does what she can to hide the pain behind her snarky smirks, but we know she’s dying inside.



And also notice, her “spin job” isn’t nearly as sharp as it used to be.

It’s all caught up to Jen.


You can only spin crap for so long before people notice the smell.

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