The Hits Keep Coming: Jen Psaki Gets Hilariously Mocked for Her “Margarita” Comment In Brand New Meme

The Hits Keep Coming: Jen Psaki Gets Hilariously Mocked for Her “Margarita” Comment In Brand New Meme

Jen Psaki really stepped in it this time, when she was giving advice to “frustrated Americans.”


Psaki told Americans who aren’t happy with the current state of things, to go take a kickboxing class and have a margarita.

Yes, that’s great advice for people who can’t afford their heating bill that’s tripled in cost, or pay for chicken at the grocery store or find diapers on the bare shelves.

Just go blow off some steam on a $25 kickboxing class, and then wash the rest of your worries away with a $13 margarita.

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For around $40 bucks, you can forget for one day what a sh*thole America is right now.

Needless to say, Jen has been taking a lot of heat for her remarks.

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And today, while I was looking online I happened upon this meme that was just too funny not to share.

It’s a rip on the January 6th image of that man carrying Pelosi’s speaker podium. You recall that photo, right?


If not, here it is:

Capitol rioter pictured with Nancy Pelosi's lectern released on bond - ABC News

Well, someone took that photo and added Jen to it, with a gigantic Margarita.

I have to say, that’s pretty darn funny.

Take a look:


The meme has gone mega-viral, for all the right reasons.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I think she has a couple of those before each presser” 

“Nobody deserves to be mocked more than this snobby lady” 

“Had a margarita this weekend and things still suck. Thanks Jen.”

Jen Psaki telling people who can’t afford to heat their home to just sit back and have a margarita is literally the mindset of these rich, snobby, DC elites. They have zero connection to reality. We’re all peasants in their eyes.”

“I love seeing this snobby beeotch mocked” 

I just went to the grocery store and filled up my car with gas Now I couldn’t afford a margarita if I wanted one Jen Psaki”



It’s gonna take Jen a really long time to live this one down.

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