[VIDEO] Clever Trump Supporter “Fixed” Psaki’s Clip About Kickboxing and Margaritas and Now, You’ll Love It

[VIDEO] Clever Trump Supporter “Fixed” Psaki’s Clip About Kickboxing and Margaritas and Now, You’ll Love It

Jen Psaki proved once again why she’s a snooty elitist when she responded to “frustrated” Americans by telling them to take a “kickboxing” class and drink a “margarita.”


Yeah, all of you people who are upset because you can’t afford your heating bill or chicken breast, and you can’t find diapers on the shelves, just blow off some steam by joining a kickboxing class, and then slug back a few $16 dollar margaritas.

Problem solved.

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Here’s the original clip that created a backlash storm:

Maybe after you’re done drinking margarita’s you can buy a house in the Hampton’s next to Obama and relax on the beach to decompress?

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Isn’t that what all Americans do to blow off steam?

That’s what people like Jen Psaki think Americans do because that’s what she and her friends do because they don’t worry about what the heating bill costs or the price of chicken. That’s stuff lowly peasants worry about.


That comment really infuriated many people, but it’s par for the course with Biden’s political elite snobs.

And one very clever Trump supporter jumped all over Jen’s comment.

He took the clip and changed a few things around, and made it into something that I know you will love.


I have watched that about 10 times now, and I chuckle each time.

One great thing about Trump supporters, is no matter how bad things get — and they’re pretty dang bad — we never lose our sense of humor.


That’s the difference between us and the left… we’re happy warriors.

Yes, the situation is serious, but if you don’t laugh once in a while, this dreadful stuff will bring you down.

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