Jenna Ellis Identified Two Very BIG Problems With Biden’s SCOTUS “Nominee Promise”

Jenna Ellis Identified Two Very BIG Problems With Biden’s SCOTUS “Nominee Promise”

Well, as you’ve likely heard by now, Justice Breyer has retired.


You have to wonder with all the oddness that surrounded his “retirement,” including the media coming out with the “breaking news” when he hadn’t planned on making the announcement “yet,” if he was possibly strong-armed out.

I mean, it makes sense when you think about it. Dems probably feel that they’ll lose both the House and the Senate, and want to get that “radical” nomination in while they’ve got the chance.

And speaking of that, Joe Biden has VOWED that he will only choose a black woman for his nominee.

I don’t know why the left always does this.

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Why not just pick the best person for the job, and if it happens to be a black female, so be it. She deserved it.

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But that’s not how they play the game. Everything is about identity and race.

However, as Jenna Ellis points out, there’s a VERY BIG problem with Biden’s “promise.”

Starting with the fact that not only did he harass and abuse a black justice nominee – Clarence Thomas – he also voted against him.

Strike one, Joe.

And the next problem Jenna correctly points out is that the left can’t even define what a woman actually is.

Strike two, Joe.

Here’s what she said: “Biden promised to nominate a black woman. This is problematic for the left’s identity politics game when 1) Then Sen. Biden voted against the only black justice 2) The left can’t even define what a “woman” is”

And what about being “gender-free”?

I thought we weren’t labeling people by their gender anymore?

What happened to that?

It’s situations like this that really shine a bright light on the left’s nonsense and their confusing, absurd messaging.

And it shows just how silly their policies and agenda truly are.


Joe Biden is desperate for a “win” right now. He needs something, anything, so he thinks he’ll score big by placing a black woman on the SCOTUS.

Meanwhile, black communities can’t find food on the shelves, crime is soaring, and the vaccine mandates are crippling many minorities.

In the “real world,” I don’t think a SCOTUS nominee will dig Joe out of this hole he’s in…but it’s all he’s got.

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