Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Pulls Off One Helluva Zinger On AOC

Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Pulls Off One Helluva Zinger On AOC

As you likely know by now, AOC had a massive emotional meltdown after she was busted living it up in Florida.


That’s right, the woman who trashes DeSantis and his policies all day long, packed up her suntan lotion and her goofy-looking boyfriend and headed to the Sunshine State for some rest and mandate-free relaxation.

And she did all of this while COVID cases spiked in her home state of New York.

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Don’t forget, AOC is also the person who attacked Ted Cruz when he and his family went to Cancun during a bad Texas storm that knocked out power for thousands of people.

Apparently, AOC lives by the ol ‘adage “Rules for thee, not for me,” as all Dems have done during this so-called “pandemic.”

And when she was called out by the right, AOC melted down and accused Republicans of “wanting to date” her.

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Huh? Are we in 7th grade, now?

It was one of the most bizarre meltdowns we’ve ever seen… and the most childish, to boot.

Here’s what she said: “If Republicans are mad they can’t date me they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet. Ya creepy weirdos”

AOC was mad when former Trump aide Steve Cortes pointed out her hypocrisy and her boyfriend’s ugly feet.


AOC response was so laughably bizarre, that Jenna Ellis had to jump in and zing her.

And she did so with a hilarious meme, marking herself “safe” from dating AOC.

It’s a play on the Facebook meme where people involved in tornados, wildfires, and other disasters “mark themselves safe” online for friends and family to see.

Absolutely hilarious in this context.

And people online loved it:

“Another AOC meltdown in 3…2…1”

“My greatest fear… I am SAFE.. SAFE SAFE from this horrid thingy! Yes.. YES!
Quote Tweet”

“Please God, mark us safe today, and every day until the end of time” 

“This is Twitter gold.” 

“If AOC sees this, she’s gonna need 12 months of therapy” 

“You got to be drunk and high on crack to date AOC”

“Hey, AOC, as we say in the south…Bless Your Heart” 

“Glad to hear it! Same here for my wife and I.”

“Swalwell wants a shot at her”

“I will follow suit and assure all Americans that I too do not want to date AOC” 

AOC really does make it so easy to take jabs at her.


This woman’s immaturity is off the charts.

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