Nobody On Planet Earth Has Humiliated Jim Acosta The Way Jesse Watters Just Did

Nobody On Planet Earth Has Humiliated Jim Acosta The Way Jesse Watters Just Did

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


I am laughing so hard, it’s almost impossible to type.

There is NOTHING I love more than watching Jim Acosta get humiliated and put through a meat grinder.

And that’s exactly what Jesse Watters – who just got his own show on Fox News – did.

Jesse and Jim both have new shows.

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Yes, after Jim spent a few years pulling “stunts” at the WH as the official “resistance reporter,” CNN rewarded this dull bag of manure with his own show.

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Of course, Jim has no talent and nothing to talk about, but because he bashed Trump, they rewarded him. That’s how things work on the left.

Meanwhile, Jesse Watters, who has done a lot, starting off with his work on Bill O’Reilly’s show, and “The Five,” now has his own show because he’s dynamic, speaks the truth, and has a lot to say.

It’s called “talent.”

And trust me, people recognize when someone has it, and when they don’t.

Just check out the ratings for both of these debut shows.

It’s an old-fashioned butt-whoopin’ of epic proportions.


Check it out:

@FoxNews @JessePrimetime with @JesseBWatters premiered last night while @CNN left-wing pundit Jim @Acosta
had first night tryout for a primetime show. Watters 3,803,000 viewers (537,000 in 25-54 demo) Acosta 511,000 viewers (103,000 in 25-54 demo)

Good lord, it’s not even a contest at this point, is it?

It’s an absolute blowout.


But it really got me thinking about something.

Does anyone else find it strange how Biden’s “81-million legal voters” just all of a sudden stopped watching cable news, but Trump’s supporters didn’t?

Thinks that make you go “hmmm,” right?

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