[VIDEO] Twitter Says Joe Biden Called Historic “Ebenezer Baptist Church” The “Ebenezer Bastard Church”

[VIDEO] Twitter Says Joe Biden Called Historic “Ebenezer Baptist Church” The “Ebenezer Bastard Church”

Joe Biden has kicked COVID to the curb. He’s ignoring the massive mess he helped create and is now shuffling around the country with his Handlers and nursemaids, pushing for his “ballot-harvesting” bill.

That’s what I call it, anyway.

Biden and the Dems are trying to “federalize” elections so states can no longer do things like, ask for voter ID, or stop all the mail-in ballots. Which is odd, sense polling, shows most voters believe there was cheating in the 2020 election.


Although, I can see why Dems are nervous. What do Dems have to run on?

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So, he and his “VP” Kamala, who we all know he hates, and she hates him right back, are stumbling around the US trying to gin up support to federalize elections… and Dems are really desperate right now because the red tsunami is coming soon.

Kamala and Joe were in Atlanta – and the two of them are so wildly unpopular, that Stacey Abrams, the queen of election whining, didn’t even show up.

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She supposedly had a “scheduling conflict,” but nobody believes that. Most think she just doesn’t want to be seen with unpopular Joe and his cackling sidekick.

And I actually don’t blame her, because Joe’s speech was the usual “Joe Biden Gong Show” that we’ve all come to know and loathe.

He called Kamala “president” like 3 times, coughed all over the place while the black people behind him wore masks, he yelled at the American people again, and called anyone who doesn’t agree with his federalized bill a “domestic terrorist.”

Wow, what unity!

It was the usual Joe Sh*tshow.


But one of the most horrid moments was when he was referring to Ebenezer Baptist – a historic black church in Atlanta where Martin Luther King spoke – and instead of calling it by the correct name, Joe Biden appears to have called it, “Ebenezer Bastard Chuch.”

You can watch the video below:

What a mess this guy is.

Here’s what folks online said:

“The fact that Ebenezer Bastard/Baptist Church, or whatever they’re called, allowed this racist, lying, fraudulent, excuse for a president to speak at their church says A LOT about faith leaders.” 

“I voted for him, but when he said Ebenezer Bastard Church I cringed” 

“We visited the sacred Ebenezer Bastard Church (!!!)…””

“My God, this man is mentally done for” 

“Maybe he was thinking of that poor grandkid he pretends doesn’t exist?”

“Sweet Jesus, I know Joe Biden didn’t just call that church BASTARD, did he?” 

“The moron in chief is back at it.” 

“Biden out here calling Baptists Bastards” 

“Honest question, why can’t this man speak?” 

“I am so embarrassed and done defending this man. He’s on his own now.”  

Joe Biden’s supporters claim he didn’t say “bastard,” and he just slurred the word “baptist.”

The Bottom line is that it shouldn’t be this difficult to understand what the “president” is saying.

We shouldn’t have to sit here playing a guessing game every week about what words are coming out of Joe’s mouth.


One requirement for the job should be “good communication.”

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