Joe Biden’s Approval Craters to Shocking New Low in Latest Poll

Joe Biden’s Approval Craters to Shocking New Low in Latest Poll

How low can Joe go?


Oh, he can go low… really, really low.

There’s no bottom for Joe, apparently.

It’s so bad now, that in a new Quinipiac poll – an uber left-wing pollster – he’s now at a jaw-dropping 33 percent.

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Shave about 10 points off to get the more accurate number and he’s really at about 23 percent.

It’s no surprise, we just found out today that inflation is at 7 percent – the highest in 39 years.

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Daily Caller reported that Biden’s approval rating dropped to a new low of 33%, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, with 53% of Americans saying they disapprove of the president’s performance. The rating is down 3% since November 2021, when Biden held a 36% approval rating.

Hispanic voters were least supportive of Biden’s job performance, with 28% saying they approve of how he is handling his duties, compared to 32% of white voters and 57% of black voters. Just 25% of independent voters said they approve of Biden’s performance, while 57% said they disapprove.


If he’s at 25 percent with Hispanics, it’s more like 15 percent.

Ay caramba!


Good lord, this is worse than “lame duck” status.

This is “dead duck” status for Joe Biden.

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