[VIDEO] Longtime Delaware Resident Shares Local “Rumor” About Fence Jill Had Put Up Around The Beach House

[VIDEO] Longtime Delaware Resident Shares Local “Rumor” About Fence Jill Had Put Up Around The Beach House

Newsmax reporter Benny Johnson went to Delaware to check out what Joe’s sees when he goes back home to his beach house (nearly every single weekend).


So, Benny and a camera man traveled to Joe’s fancy beach digs, and discovered a few interesting things.

They actually got so close to the house that they were practically on the driveway, but Secret Service asked them to leave, which they did. But not before getting footage of the back of Joe’s house that faces the road (the front obviously faces the beach).

And Benny noticed something very interesting about the entire back of the house…

It’s “walled-in” by a big fence.

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Okay, makes sense, he’s a high-profile politician, who needs his privacy, right?

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Well, not exactly, according to local folks.

Benny spoke with a longtime resident of Delaware, who says the scuttlebutt about the fence is a lot “deeper” than that.

He claims the rumor around town is that Jill had the fence built to keep Joe inside.

That’s right, the rumor goes they were worried about him “wandering off” so they built a fence to keep him inside. The local resident said they put it up for “safety issues” concerning a “wandering Joe.”

How scary is that for America?


You can watch the video below (the whole video is great, but comments on the fence start around 3:20 mark. I cued it up for you):

Well, in all honestly, that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Joe Biden is treated like a hapless child in DC, I’m sure back home that treatment get’s upped 100X more.


It’s unreal that we’re living in a world where the so-called “president” is rumored to just “wander” around like a memory-care patient.

It’s frustrating, but we know how we got here. Now, let’s flood the polls and punish the people who did this to us.

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