Looks Like WH Found a New “Secret Weapon” to Shield Joe From “LGB” and “FJB” Chants 

Looks Like WH Found a New “Secret Weapon” to Shield Joe From “LGB” and “FJB” Chants 

Everywhere Joe goes, “Let’s Go Brandon” and “F Joe Biden” follow.


He can’t escape it, because America can’t stand his abrasive nasty, crotchety personality or his cruddy, failed policies.

This is likely why you won’t see Joe at public events like the Army/Navy game or other sporting events. His Handlers know that he’ll either get booed or a “Brandon” type chant will start up and that’s the last thing they want to see happen.

God forbid anyone shatters the “Truman Show” fraud “presidency” they’re trying to unload on all of us.

But it’s not just sporting events where Biden is feeling the heat.

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Not too long ago Joe showed up in Kentucky, to shuffle around and stare at storm damage, and while he was there, he got heckled with “Let’s Go Brandon” comments from a few people in the crowd and was greeted with Trump flags.

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It doesn’t take many people to humiliate the “president.”

One or two can do the job, especially when the press is around.


So, now, it looks to me like the White House has come up with a plan to combat all that as Joe’s poll numbers continue to dive.

They’ll keep Joe hidden at home in the basement, and in his place, they’ll send the “real president” out, Jill Biden.

Breitbart reported that Jill Biden will travel to Kentucky on Thursday alongside federal officials to meet and comfort those most impacted by the deadly tornadoes that tore through the state last month.


“First Lady Jill Biden and Deputy FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] Administrator Erik Hooks will travel to Bowling Green, Kentucky where they will join Governor Andy Beshear (D)  and First Lady Britainy Beshear to survey recovery efforts following the devastation from recent tornadoes,” the White House said in a statement.

“The First Lady will highlight the partnership between federal and local agencies that ensures Kentuckians are receiving the aid and relief they need,” the statement added, the Hill reports.

As Breitbart News reported, the tornadoes left catastrophic destruction in their wake when they hit last month.

In the days that followed, President Joe Biden flew to the devastated areas to offer his support only to be met by an indifferent welcome from locals.

As Biden exited his motorcade upon arrival in Mayfield, Kentucky, two people shouted “Let’s go, Brandon!” according to reporters on the scene.

So, now, they’ll trot Jill out, who will pretend to be there “consoling people” while actually pushing the failed vaccine on everyone.


I don’t know how long they can keep this up, or how they plan to hide Joe away for another three years, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting to watch this circus unfold.

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