[VIDEO] Things Got So Bad at Joe’s COVID Event Today, Even Many of His Critics Felt Sorry For Him

[VIDEO] Things Got So Bad at Joe’s COVID Event Today, Even Many of His Critics Felt Sorry For Him

If you’ve followed my coverage of Joe Biden, I swing back and forth like a bipolar monkey from time to time.


Sometimes I am so angry at this clown for what he’s doing to the country, and I think Jill should be charged with elder abuse.

I lash out and call him every senile name in the book – and rightfully so, America deserves better than this confused, angry old man.

Other times, my humanity kicks in, and I actually feel sorry for him, and think someone should step in and help him.

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But even though I have moments where I feel genuine pity for Joe Biden, I never forget that he is a puppet and a mouthpiece for the radicals who are destroying this country.

I also never forget that he too is an evil, despicable man.

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But there are times, when it gets to me. Maybe because I grew up in a house with a grandmother who had Alzheimer’s.

Now, with that said, Joe had another “moment” today on his White House “set” where he looked so lost and out of it. His eyes were empty, except for a distinct look of sadness and defeat.

It happened at the end of his remarks; the press started yelling out questions, and I want you to watch Joe’s reaction.

He stares blankly ahead, as if he doesn’t know what to say, or how to handle the barrage of questions coming at him.

Then, he folds his hands, and looks down, and it’s probably the most raw and defeated moment we’ve seen, since that time Peter Doocy “broke” Biden during the Afghanistan presser – another situation, like COVID, that Joe mishandled and destroyed, and people died as a result.

This moment was so bad that many critics of Biden felt a pang of sorrow as they watched him flail.


You can watch the video below:

The lights are barely on, and nobody is at home.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“He’s being held hostage and this is his way of showing it. Many such cases.”

“Sad, even for a National Socialist Democrat.”

“He’s done, folks. He’s lost and completely defeated as he sits there overwhelmed in his fake “White House””

“33% approval. Way too high! He’s toast.”

“He always looks scared and lost”

“The plan was always for him to win and then turn over the reins to Kamala. The problem is that she sucks and now they find themselves in a pickle.”

“I think it’s beautiful to see.” 

“This is kind of heartbreaking. He doesn’t look well. He looks completely overwhelmed.”

“Look into his eyes. Nothing there.”

“This whole arrangement feels abusive.”

“Yeah I said the other day, his cognitive decline has dramatically accelerated. He cannot even read an autocue clearly anymore. I don’t think they are going to be able to manage this. I think something will have to be done.”

“He is overwhelmed but I could never feel sorry for this corrupt and disgusting man.”

“It’s not heartbreaking because this is an evil man. Following in Odumba’s footsteps, president dementia apple sauce brain is evil.”

Clearly, not everyone felt sorry for Joe, and that’s perfectly okay. I get it. The man is so evil and what’s happening to this country and decent, patriotic Americans is sickening beyond words.

But I think regardless of that, we can all agree that Joe’s condition – whatever it is – is rapidly getting worse.

What we just watched was not a leader who isn’t capable of handling anything.


The question is — what will happen next? Because I don’t know how much longer Dems can go on this way.

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