New Report Sparks Even More Suspicion About Biden’s Delaware Trips

New Report Sparks Even More Suspicion About Biden’s Delaware Trips

There has always been an air of suspicion surrounding Biden’s trips back home to Delaware.


Many people wonder why he goes home so much? Shouldn’t his “new home” be in DC, and given all the problems he has, shouldn’t that be where he spends the bulk of his time?

Yet, weekend after weekend, we hear about Joe Biden going back “home” to Delaware. He’s gone home a whopping 31 times in one year.

And trust me, the trips home are not cheap.

While Delaware may be fairly close to Washington, DC, Joe’s travel requires a lot of resources, including complicated Secret Service security protocols and the use of the Marine One presidential helicopter. The press pool of reporters is also shuttled back and forth from D.C. for the weekend.

As a matter of fact, The New York Post reported that Biden’s regular weekend and a few midweek trips home to Delaware have cost nearly $3 million in security alone, and that estimate is from November, so you know it’s much higher than that now.

So, what’s up with all the trips?

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Newsmax reported that Joe Biden has spent the majority of weekends this year in Delaware, which he has visited 31 times since taking office in January.

The Delaware News Journal reported that Biden took part in a virtual weekly economic briefing from his beach house Monday, but no further plans had been released.

The White House has refused to release visitor logs from his two Delaware homes, and it’s unclear what Biden does and who he meets while there, Breitbart reported Wednesday.

“I can confirm we are not going to be providing information about the comings and goings of the president’s grandchildren or people visiting him in Delaware,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in August.

The White House has defended Biden’s trips to Delaware. “The president lives in Wilmington. It’s his home,” Psaki said in March. “That’s where he’s lived for many, many years.”


For a while now, many people have thought something was “fishy” with the non-stop Delaware trips.

Here’s are some thoughts about Delaware from folks online:

“has anyone asked why he has to come back? i say leave him there and lock the doors.”

“he does go there an awful lot and I agree he’s likely meeting with the people running the show” 

“I’m sure he only discusses yoga and grandchildren. Except that one that Hunter spawned with the stripper…he doesn’t talk about that grandkid” 

“Places of Familiarity helps people with dementia. Taking him to places that are different for the norm for too long can be detrimental for them. They could hurt themselves or others”

” a retired Secret Service agent told me Joe can’t not negotiate the White House on his own.” 

“He’s compromised….”

“The blood of virgins infusion center is not on the White House premises.”

“It’s where he meets his doctor”

I think it’s something “medical” not political that keeps Joe going back home.

I think Joe needs some intense medical care – maybe IV’s or special monitored meds and that’s why he goes home to Delaware so often.


And being in Delaware allows The Handlers to keep a lid on what’s going on.

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