[VIDEO] Joe Biden Doesn’t Even Come Close to Getting The Current “Year” Correct During His Speech

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Doesn’t Even Come Close to Getting The Current “Year” Correct During His Speech

Joe Biden is having one of his “bad” days.


Those types of days, when the Dementia, or Alzheimers, or whatever the hell he has, is just raging out of control.

You’d think he’d be semi-fresh and ready to roll since he was just chilling at home in Delaware, but I think Joe is just so far gone now that nothing is really gonna help.

Whatever they’re pumping him full of at the beach house appears to be wearing off pretty quick.

Today, Biden was on the set of his “pretend White House,” talking about all sorts of nonsensical stuff, on his little stage – namely, he was talking about the virus that he was unable to “beat” as promised.

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At one point, Joe was trying to convey how “hopeful” things were getting – which is kinda odd, since just a couple of weeks ago, he was telling all the unvaccinated that they would be either ill or dead this winter. He also said that the unvaccinated would infect their friends and family, and overrun hospitals.

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Now, suddenly there’s “hope?”

Is this new hope for everyone or just the vaccinated?

That I am not sure about… But Biden’s also not sure about a lot…


Because during his great message of hope, he forgot what year it was. That’s right, Biden got the year wrong and told everyone that “2020” was a year filled with hope…



Here are comments from people online:

“Give him a break, he was close”

“Brandon having a great day today. I’ve just watched three straight gaffes from just today.”

“If trump said this they would have impeached him already”

“He has fallen and he can’t get up!”

“Its 2020 for him probably.”

“people will say: It’s just a screw up, can happen to anyone! I would say: true, but it happens to Joe every hour” 

“Complete moron in chief.”

“Joe’s off days are happening a lot more frequently.” 

“Childhood stutter” 

“He’s on a fake WH set and doesn’t know what year it is” 

Well, in Joe’s defense, he was only TWO WHOLE YEARS off.


It could have been worse. He could have said it was 1989, the last year that he probably had a fully working brain.

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