CNN Accused of “Altering” Joe Rogan’s Photo to Make Him Look “Sickly”…You Be The Judge

CNN Accused of “Altering” Joe Rogan’s Photo to Make Him Look “Sickly”…You Be The Judge

The media and the left are terrified of Joe Rogan.



Because he’s more powerful than they are.

A LOT more powerful.

Do you know that his recent interview with the “controversial” and canceled Dr. McCullough has almost 50 million views on Spotify?

Yes, I said FIFTY million.

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He’s not out there pushing a political agenda, he’s just sharing opinions that differ from the approved Globalist US Regime message and people are eating it up. They want to hear what other people have to say, and rightfully so.

So, of course they’ll do anything to discredit him, even absurdly petty stuff like alter his appearance to make him look “sickly.”

That’s that’s the accusation coming from Joe Rogan himself.

Red State reported that Back in September when Rogan came down with COVID, he posted a video to Instagram talking about how he had been prescribed a cocktail of things including ivermectin, and he said he recovered quickly.

As we reported back then, liberal media attacked him for talking about ivermectin. CNN lied about him and ivermectin, saying that he took a “horse dewormer” that was meant for “livestock.” They did not say that his doctor had prescribed a drug for him which is used by people, albeit not approved for COVID.

Rogan then had CNN’s Sanjay Gupta on his podcast and ripped him apart for CNN lying about him. CNN issued a deranged statement trying to justify themselves, and Rogan just leveled them again with the truth.


Now, Rogan has posted a video on his Instagram hitting out at CNN for the way he was depicted in their story, contrasting the way he was depicted on CNN, juxtaposed against the Instagram video that he posted, with the words, “Yellow Journalism” and “#fakenews.”

Here are the side-by-side photos.

The original is on the bottom and the CNN version on the top.

It certainly appears CNN tried to make him look “gray” and colorless.

Here’s a side-by-side:

Yes, this is petty and lame, especially for a “serious news station” to do (I know CNN isn’t serious), but I think it’s a symptom of a much larger and more serious problem that is permeating this country, and that’s political propaganda.

If you look at this silly Photoshop as a standalone issue, it doesn’t hold much weight. But when put up against the Mt. Everest pile of propaganda our media spews out, and you see how those lies have impacted people, even SCOTUS justices, who don’t know what the hell is going on, then it gets scary.


If the media will partake in crap like this, we then know they’ll lower themselves to do pretty much anything.

The best recourse we have, is to keep calling them out.

Propaganda needs a shadowy place to grow. It dies in the sunlight.

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