New Mega-Viral Side-By-Side Image Put Joe’s “Stupid SOB” Remark in Perfect Perspective

New Mega-Viral Side-By-Side Image Put Joe’s “Stupid SOB” Remark in Perfect Perspective

As you likely know by now, last night Joe Biden had another one of his “dementia outbursts” and called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch” when he asked a tough (and good) question about the soaring inflation that is gutting the poor and middle-class.



This is the second time in one week that Joe Biden has called a Fox News White House team “stupid.”

It seems that Joe Biden has lost his filter and can no longer control his emotions. This often happens to people who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimers. Obviously, we don’t know what’s wrong with Joe Biden’s brain, but clearly, there’s a big issue and it’s not getting any better. It’s actually getting a lot worse.

So, he makes “gaffes” like this, that aren’t really “gaffes,” they’re more like “symptoms” of a bigger issue.

And speaking of bigger issues – it’s absurd as we watch Dems and many in the media give Joe Biden a “pass” for how nasty, vulgar, and ornery he is. They’re now saying that it’s “refreshing” to see a politician speak like a normal person.

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Didn’t Trump do that for five years, and they called him a bully and a monster?


And other liberals now say that Peter deserved it.

Yet, if Trump did this, the media would have melted down, and we’d hear non-stop reports on how President Trump was trying to “murder journalists.”

But when the self-proclaimed “healer of the nation” does it, it’s “refreshing” and “well-deserved.”

Well, needless to say, the right has “pounced” all over this – and rightfully so.

MORE NEWS: Ted Cruz Gives Peter Doocy One Heck of a “Comeback” to Biden’s “Son of a B*tch” Remark

And one brilliant Trump supporter made a side-by-side meme that puts this whole thing into perfect perspective… and it’s so good, that it’s gone MEGA VIRAL.


This meme really encapsulates everything the left and this “clown world” we live in, stands for, doesn’t it?


Hunter, the crackhead loser is “smart,” and Peter Doocy, the polite, smart reporter is “stupid.”

Everything in the liberal world is backward and makes no sense.

We all knew Trump was a bombastic, BIG personality when we elected him, that’s who he was, and he never changed for anyone.

On the flip side, the Handlers marketed Biden as the opposite of Trump. They told us that after four years of chaos, and bullying, Biden, the “gentle grandfather” and the “adult” would usher in “kindness” and heal the nation.

Did you believe that? If you did, you’re probably a stupid son of a b*tch.


Because Joe Biden has always been a jerk – always. He’s fooled many people with this “Uncle Joe” BS, but he’s always been an arrogant a-hole.

And now, he’s an arrogant a-hole with a malfunctioning brain.

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