John Stamos Tweets Raw, Gut-Wrenching Message About Bob Saget That Goes Viral

John Stamos Tweets Raw, Gut-Wrenching Message About Bob Saget That Goes Viral

Some big news shocked the world last night.


Actor and comedian Bob Saget was found dead in his Florida hotel room.

He was only 65-years-old.

At this moment, there is no report on the causes of Bob Saget’s death.

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But the country is reeling from the loss of Danny Tanner, the loveable single dad from ABC’s hit series “Full House.”

So many of us welcomed Danny and his wacky family into our homes for “TGIF.”

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My daughter grew up on “Full House,” it was one of her favorite shows. When I told her Bob had died, she gasped. It was like she lost a friend.

And speaking of “friends,” John Stamos, who played the oh-so-popular “Uncle Jesse” on the show, posted his thoughts about the death of his close and beloved friend Bob Saget, and his tweet, which was raw, and gut-wrenching, went viral.


Here’s what John said: “I am broken. I am gutted.  I am in complete and utter shock.  I will never ever have another friend like him.  I love you so much Bobby.”

Many people had words of love and support for John:

“I never comment on this sort of thing, but he seemed like a really decent guy, and I hope as the pain eases, you’ll count yourself lucky to have been close to him.”

“I grew up with full house. it’s the dream family absolutely heart breaking news. Danny Tanner you will be missed. RIP”

“One of the best shows of all time….So sorry John!!! 90% of Americans I’m sure are devastated with the passing of Mr. Saget!”

“You, Bob, and Dave were such a huge part of so many of our childhoods. It’s so heartbreaking to lose someone you feel you knew when you were a child.”

“I started crying in the shower, surprised how sad this made me. but it’s our childhood.”

“Idk if you get to read all these replies. But I was at the orlando show. He loved you. He told us the story about the 3 of you going to a strip club while doing full house and the audience couldn’t stop laughing at the story. It’s heartbreaking. R.i.p Bob.”

“For some of us, it’s like losing a dad. It just is. “

“This must have been quite a shock to you, John. In fact, I thought of you pretty soon after hearing the sad news about Bob’s passing. This is a shock to me, too, maybe because he was my age… less than 4 months younger than me, and outwardly in good health. It’s incomprehensible.”

“I learned English watching full house”

“Crying, so very sorry for your loss. It is a huge loss to many, but especially you & the Full House family & his own family. May he Rest In Peace “

Bob was touring the country doing his standup comedy, which he was well known for, when he passed away.

He had just posted on Twitter 5pm hours before reports came out that he died.


It’s a sad loss, and we wish his family and friends peace right now as they deal with this shock.

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