Jonathan Turley Destroys Joe Biden For Now Claiming US Elections Results Will Be “Illegitimate”

Jonathan Turley Destroys Joe Biden For Now Claiming US Elections Results Will Be “Illegitimate”

Joe Biden is a man who’s lost, confused, and screaming into the wind.


You almost can’t blame him. Nothing is going right for him.

It seems like everything he touches turns to absolute sh*t.

And his last desperate push to get his “ballot harvesting” bill passed was an epic circus of destruction and mayhem.

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The desperation was palpable, the rage and dramatics were so over the top, as Dems tried like hell to whip the country into a frenzy and convince us that suddenly, black people were being denied the right to vote.


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It’s an asinine statement, and nobody was buying it. Thankfully, the measure failed when the Dems couldn’t end the filibuster.


But not before Joe Biden went on a “Big Lie” bender and claimed the results of the 2022 election would be “illegitimate” if his “ballot harvesting” bill didn’t pass.

This didn’t sit well with Professor Turley, who ripped into Biden for now being the pallbearer of the next “BIG LIE.”

Turley’s piece in The Hill reported that now it is the Democrats and some in the media who are declaring a “plot to steal” the 2024 election due to electoral changes in red states. The changes are being used as an excuse to federalize elections in the United States, an area that has been largely left to the states. Indeed, these laws are portrayed as such an attack on democracy itself that refusing to curtail the Senate’s filibuster rule is not a vote for preserving a long-protected rule of consensus but being an accessory to “election subversion.”

Biden’s embrace of rage politics has fueled the hysteria surrounding these laws. Last week, CNN’s White House correspondent Stephen Collinson denounced “a nationwide effort by GOP-run states to make it harder to cast ballots and easier to steal elections, which is rooted in ex-President Donald Trump’s voter fraud lies.”

The statement was telling. In responding to Trump’s “Big Lie,” Democrats and many in the media are doing something remarkably similar by claiming these state laws are an effort to steal the coming elections — claims that might fuel anger and violence similar to that seen after the 2020 election.

What is most notable about the relentless coverage of the effort to “steal” the election is the lack of specifics. Indeed, when President Biden has attempted to give specifics, he has received “Pinocchios” from Washington Post fact-checkers. He falsely and repeatedly claimed, for example, that the Georgia law (which he described as “Jim Crow on steroids”) sought to reduce hours to vote. The election law actually does the opposite: It guaranteed that, at a minimum, polls would remain open for a full workday while allowing extended hours commonly used on Election Day.

This month, President Biden pivoted away from the false claim of preventing people from voting to the more Trumpian claim of questioning whether ballots would be counted: “not as to who can vote but who gets to count the vote, count the vote, count the vote — it’s about election subversion, not just whether or not people get to vote.” Any vote miscount allegation can be (as it was with the Trump litigation) reviewed by the courts. Indeed, many of the provisions alluded to by Democrats have been reviewed and — at least temporarily — upheld.

Requiring voter identification has been repeatedly cited as clear evidence of an effort to steal the election. However, 80 percent of the public supports voter identification rules. The courts have overwhelmingly upheld these rules as constitutional.

I really liked this observation from Professor Turley:

What is most interesting is how this claim is being amplified by Biden and others despite every indication that the public isn’t buying it, with election reforms barely registering on some polls as a major concern for voters. That is the problem with big lies. If the lies are not accepted by the public, they may just reduce faith in you rather than the election. Friedrich Nietzsche observed, “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” Biden seems to be facing such a Nietzsche moment. With polls showing the president plunging and voters turning toward the GOP, there is clearly doubt over whether there really is a “dagger at democracy’s throat.”

None of us should be shocked at the gall and hypocrisy we’re seeing from the left.

It’s expected. It’s what they do.

But I hope this is a lesson to everyone on the right to never apologize or back down on an issue the left and the media are hammering us on, because trust me, in a few months, they’ll be saying the exact same thing.


Keep going, and unapologetically push for what you believe in, and when they come at you, double down and go harder.

Never be swayed and never doubt your cause.

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