FDA Tried To Keep Pfizer’s Vaccine Records Sealed Until 2096; Court Rules Against

FDA Tried To Keep Pfizer’s Vaccine Records Sealed Until 2096; Court Rules Against

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States has been ordered to accelerate the publishing of records linked to Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine by more than one-hundredfold, after the agency stated that the disclosure would take decades.

District Judge Mark Pittman dismissed the FDA’s earlier arguments in a judgement issued on Thursday, after the agency said that it may take decades, potentially until 2096, to fulfill the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Despite the fact that the agency said it could only compile and publish around 500 pages each month, Pittman stated that the agency would have to ramp up the pace — directing it to produce 55,000 pages in the same time period.

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“The court determines that this FOIA request is of utmost public interest,” the judge said, adding that the speedy completion of the release is “not only doable, but absolutely imperative.”

Consider the following: Why do you never see a medicine commercial? You have three firms that are manufacturing the most lucrative medicine in the history of the world, and they did not even have to pay to create or promote the drug in the first place. Why aren’t they informing us whose product is superior and why we should use it instead of the others? Answer: All medicine advertisements must provide a list of potential side effects.

In a previous proposal from the FDA, Pittman agreed to an initial publishing of around 12,000 pages by the end of this month, but he said that the process must be significantly accelerated by the end of March. He allowed the regulator to redact records only when it has “privilege, exemption, or exclusion” over the information in question, and he instructed the plaintiffs and the FDA to submit a “joint status report” detailing the progress of the rolling disclosure by April 1, and to do so again every 90 days after that until the process is completed in its entirety.

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Earlier this year, attorney Aaron Siri filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit on behalf of the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency organization, a group of academics and scientists who had complained that the FDA was delaying the release of Pfizer’s vaccination data. They contended that while the government was able to examine the whole slew of Pfizer papers in an astonishingly short period of time (108 days) in order to provide approval for the vaccine, it did not need decades to evaluate, redact and pass over the records as promised.

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Speaking on the judgement in a Substack post on Thursday, Siri said that the decision was a “huge triumph for transparency” and that it will help break the government’s “stranglehold” on vaccine data.

The vaccine business is attempting to slow the process in the same manner that the tobacco industry did for decades. I’m talking about how many people throughout the globe have been permitted to die from illnesses caused by smoking because the tobacco business lied, fabricated studies, influenced opinion, and so on.

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Transparency is never enough in this world. Individuals and organizations defending the interests of the American people must use vigilance and due diligence to determine if the “transparency” in issue is truly honest or just a smokescreen to conceal the true nature of an organization’s operations and activities.

There is an extremely simple solution to all of the world’s issues, but no one is talking about it. All psychopaths and sociopaths should be barred from holding high-ranking positions in government and major business, and the world should do all it can to prevent this.

How? Simple. The presence of psychopathy and sociopathy may be seen in the human brain. When the youngster is at least 7 years old, the changes become noticeable.



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