There’s a “Hidden Clue” Located Inside Justice Breyer’s “Retirement” That Many People Are Missing

There’s a “Hidden Clue” Located Inside Justice Breyer’s “Retirement” That Many People Are Missing

Media outlets are reporting that SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring, although as of this publishing there’s been no official statement from him.


This is not a shock, liberals have been pressuring him to retire for a while now.

For all we know, he got up and went to work today, fully intent on doing his job for another 3-plus years, but Dems leaked the “bombshell” to the media, and now he’ll have no choice but to slither out gracefully.

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So, while the left celebrates, and the right commiserates, and ponders over what far-left nut job Dems will nominate, many people are missing the hidden clue located inside of Justice Breyer’s so-called “retirement.”

Have you figured it out yet?

Why do you think this is happening right now when Biden’s handlers have the WH for another 3 years?

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And remember, timing is everything in politics…

So, think about it – where do SCOTUS justices get confirmed?

In the Senate, right?… and what is coming up in less than a year?

The midterms…so, you add all of that together, and what do you come up with?

Well, you come up with the fact that Dems know – likely through their internal polling and the small window of time they have to “fix things” – that they will not only be losing the House but the Senate as well.

And that’s not just me saying it, it’s other people who know a lot more than I do…


Here’s what Human Events editor-in-chief Jack Posobiec said: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but Breyer announcing retirement means Dems know they are losing the Senate this year”

And here was Matt Gaetz’s response: “Bingo”


Yep, BINGO is right.

They would not be rushing this through, right now, if they didn’t think they were losing the Senate.

This is a full-blown panic move on their part and it shows their hand and how weak they are right now.


That doesn’t mean it doesn’t place us in a pickle as well. If Biden puts up a commie nut job for confirmation and there’s a tie in the Senate, Kamala breaks that tie.

So, let’s hope that Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin haven’t put their capes away, because we might need them to step in and save the country one more time.

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