Justin Trudeau Accused of “Hiding In His House” From Massive #FreedomTruckers Convoy

Justin Trudeau Accused of “Hiding In His House” From Massive #FreedomTruckers Convoy

Justin Trudeau finally addressed the #FreedomTruckers convoy that is slowly but surely making its way to Justin’s home in Ottawa, Canada.

It’s getting too big to ignore.


In his statement, Justin claimed the convoy was a “fringe group” that didn’t represent Canadians or Canada’s values.

Really? They’re now letting off fireworks as the convoy passes by:

GoFundMe says funds for 'freedom convoy' of B.C. truckers opposed to vaccine mandates will be 'safely held' – Langley Advance Times

Well, Justin, if it was that small and fringe you wouldn’t be talking about it, now would you?

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Just after this statement, triple-vaxxed Justin announced he was exposed to COVID, and tested negative, but is still locking down in his house for the next 5 days, per Canada’s “health rules.”

Gee, what great timing — now Justin won’t have to deal publicly with the “fringe convoy.”

He won’t be forced to meet with the truckers and discuss the vax mandates… what blind “dumb luck” for Justin, right?

Here’s what Justin said: Last night, I learned that I have been exposed to COVID-19. My rapid test result was negative. I am following @OttawaHealth
rules and isolating for five days. I feel fine and will be working from home. Stay safe, everyone – and please get vaccinated.


Yes, please get vaccinated, so you too can test negative for COVID, and still lockdown for 5 days.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

But many people aren’t buying Justin’s “COVID story.” They are convinced the “Blackface” PM of Canada is making it all up in order to “hideout” while Truckers swarm the capital city.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Nothing says leadership like being triple vaccinated, testing negative, and hiding for 5 days. “

“So no Parliament and no meeting with the convoy. How utterly convenient. They can wait…”

“Hmmmmm, what a coincidence?? Afraid to face the truckers that are arriving on saturday ?”

“So what’s the point of vaccine passports if more jabbed people are catching and spreading it?”

“Take the year off, we’ll be fine.”

“Gee…Impeccable timing!”

“Looks like the convoy will be having an extended stay in Ottawa”

“funny coincidence its on the day the convoy arrives!?!”

“OMG you really don’t think we believe that do you! I mean as much as I don’t respect you I really don’t wish you any harm or illness. However there is something about your timing! But it’s okay stay safe, we will wait!! I don’t think the truckers are going anywhere!”

“Nobody believes you, Mr. Blackface” 

“The working class is told to go to work in this situation, but Justin locks down” 

“Self isolation from the impending surge of the trucker variant.”

“There are no coincidences. You are hiding in fear of your own people.”

“Didn’t Hitler say this before he went into the Bunker?”

Clearly many people aren’t buying Justin’s “fishy” COVID story, and you can’t blame them.

The COVID narrative is crumbling all over the world, and the last globalists standing, trying to keep mandates and lockdowns going are feeling the heat from the public.


Justin is likely hiding away, fearful of facing the wrath of his own people.

What a coward.

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