[VIDEO] Freedom Trucker Says He Just Busted Justin Trudeau in Embarrassing Lie 

[VIDEO] Freedom Trucker Says He Just Busted Justin Trudeau in Embarrassing Lie 

Justin Trudeau is in a bit of a pickle right now.


He’s got a revolution and a revolt on his hands, and he’s trying to downplay it, while it’s literally sweeping the nation and all of North America.

A massive convoy of #FreedomTruckers is driving from all over Canada on their way to Justin’s house in Ottawa to protest his tyrannical vaccine mandates.

It’s gotten so big that Trudeau finally had to acknowledge it.

He gave a speech and acted as if what was happening in Canada is no big deal, and doesn’t represent the Canadian people:


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This is what Justin calls a small “fringe” operation…

There are 100K truckers and Canadians heading to Ottawa right now. That’s not “small.”



The group plans to be in Ottawa on Saturday, and they want to speak to Justin about their “demands.”

But it looks like Justin won’t be available for that meeting because right after his speech, triple-vaccinated Justin announced he was exposed to someone with COVID and per Ontario health rules, he was now locking down for 5 days.

Here’s what he said in a tweet:

Many people did not believe Justin.

They figured he was just hiding out from the truckers and as a result, Justin was mocked online for being a coward.


Well, it looks like those people were right because one of the Freedom Truckers just busted Justin in a very embarrassing lie.


Also, these are Ontario’s guidelines below.

Again, Justin doesn’t have to “isolate.”

He’s triple vaxxed, had a negative test, and has no symptoms.


If you ask me, I think it’s clear that Justin is hiding.

Like all globalists, they don’t want to face their failures.


But his colossal failure is on its way. It’ll be there on Saturday, and he can hide all he wants, but everyone will soon witness the crash of Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical policies.

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