New Absurd Details Emerge About Justin Trudeau’s “Hideout”

New Absurd Details Emerge About Justin Trudeau’s “Hideout”

The #FreedomTruckers have taken over Ottawa.


The so-called “small fringe” group that Justin tried to brush off as “unacceptables” who were “wrong-thinking” and didn’t represent the Canadian people has now scared the crap outta him and sent him and his family packing.

We were told yesterday that Justin and his family fled their Ottawa home and sought shelter in a secret “undisclosed” location.

Drama queen.

How much of a coward do you have to be to run away from the working-class who are protesting your cruddy, tyrannical rules and regulations?

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Well, if you thought that was bad, it all gets a helluva worse now that we know where Justin and his family fled to…

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Are you ready for this one?

He’s reportedly in the United States.

Israeli sources claim that Justin and his family are now hiding out in the US.

What an absolute dork this man is.


Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly responded to the report by saying: “America should not be a safe harbor for tyrants. Put him in chains and drop him off in the middle of Ottawa protests.”

Ha. I agree!

Is Justin Trudeau made of 100 percent soybean? He can’t face his own people and runs off to another country like a coward, with his tail between his legs?

These aren’t ISIS terrorists descending upon Canada’s capital, for the love of God.

These are hard-working Canadian people who just want their freedom back.

I want you to watch this clip so you can see who is actually part of this #FreedomTrucker movement, and who Justin Trudeau is fleeing the country over.


Justin Trudeau is now trying to make it seem as if these are dangerous “fringe” people trying to take over the country and it’s reminiscent of how the political elites in this country painted January 6th.

In the elite’s world, anyone who dares to “challenge” or “disobey” the regime’s official narrative is a traitor and a dangerous insurrectionist.


That’s not how the FREE world works. Nobody should blindly fall in line with anything, based solely on what a politician or the government or big pharma tells you to do.

My God, opposing views make the “free world” FREE.

But the left isn’t about “freedom.” Just like when a black person leaves the Dem plantation, the left will tear you to shreds if you don’t toe the progressive line. If you dare to challenge them or leave the plantation, they will label you a “racist,” or a “bigot,” or an “Uncle Tom.”

Well, guess what everyone, that’s not “freedom.”


That’s tyranny, and fighting against THAT is the most righteous and important thing we can do.

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