[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Dunks on Trudeau With Hilarious “Update” to His First Presser From Safe House

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Dunks on Trudeau With Hilarious “Update” to His First Presser From Safe House

Well, Justin Trudeau has finally come slithering out of hiding in his “undisclosed” location.


Things are really heating up in Ottawa, the truckers have literally “taken over” the capital, and they have no plans to leave anytime soon.

Although I am sure that Justin will flex his little soy muscles and turn the cops on them soon. That’s how these tyrant liberals operate.

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You can protest and burn cities to the ground in the name of BLM and be called a “hero,” but the second you peacefully protest against the regime’s agenda, it’s curtains for you.

Anyway, Justin is still in hiding, at some secret “safe house” hiding from his own working-class people. We’re told he just tested positive for COVID as well.

That’s right, the guy who wears two masks, and is triple vaxed now has COVID, to boot.

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Not a really good week for Mr. Blackface, is it?

And things are about to get a little worse.


Justin slithered out of his “safe house” to deliver his first presser since going on the lam, and one Trump supporter dedicated to “update” the clip and make it a little more accurate… and I think you’ll love it now.

😂 🤣 😂 🤣

You can watch the video below:

People really loved this one a lot:

“I laughed so hard I NEED A DEPENDS Best TWEET of the day!!”

“but you have to find his cave before that! He’s playing hide and seek!”

“Made me jump. Crap that scared me lmao. #HonkHonk

“I have tears ! That was so damn funny!”

“Love it. Best meme ever.”

“This is the funniest sh*t I’ve Deen in a long time LOL” 

“Okay, you just won the internet today!”

“Hey, thanks for the laugh!” 


Like I always say, we know how to have fun, even when we’re battling for freedom!

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