[VIDEO] Watch Kamala’s Face When NBC Reporter Mentions a “Biden/Cheney” 2024 Ticket

[VIDEO] Watch Kamala’s Face When NBC Reporter Mentions a “Biden/Cheney” 2024 Ticket

Did you hear about the new Quinnipiac poll that came out yesterday?


Joe Biden has a 33 percent approval rating and 25 percent approval among independents.


That likely means he has a 23 percent approval and a 15 percent approval among independents.

Double ouch.

This buffoon and his cackling sidekick have cratered in only one-short-year.

It’s quite remarkable to see, but for those of us who know what a joke and failure Joe Biden has been all his life, and what an abysmal disaster Kamala Harris was during the Dem Primary, this isn’t shocking. It’s what we expected, however, it happened FASTER than I thought it would.

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Mathematically speaking, Biden should not be cratering this hard, this quick. If he really had those “81-million legal votes” they would have padded his fall, and it would have been much more gradual. Instead, he’s sunk like a rock. That means he has no “base” of support.

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Now, people are wondering about 2024. What’s going to happen? You have this senile, confused old man, and this unprepared, insecure, unlikeable woman.

What are Dems going to do?

Well, that’s the question that came up during Kamala’s recent interview with NBC Today Show.

When she’s first asked about 2024, she gets that really awkward defensiveness, and then starts into her typical, stale “PR talking points” about working for the American people, bla bla bla.

But it’s at the very end, when reality really hits Kamala in the face, when the reporter – gleefully asks her about the recent rumors that Liz Cheney will replace her in 2024.



You can watch the video below:

Now, I don’t believe for a second that Joe Biden is going to run again.

Heck, I don’t even know if he’ll make it through this absurd term.


But I do think it’s amusing watching Team Biden plant these stories in the press to keep Kamala at bay and remind her she is NOT the “chosen one” for 2024.

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