Kamala’s New “Get To Work” Tweet Infuriates Both The Left and Right

Kamala’s New “Get To Work” Tweet Infuriates Both The Left and Right

Kamala Harris is so unlikeable that she’s become “bipartisan.”


It’s amazing to see, but both the right and left can’t stand this cackling woman.

And nowhere was that more apparent than in the replies on her new “Get to Work” New Year” tweet that’s about four days late.

Of course…

It’s official, Kamala rubs everyone the wrong way.

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Here’s the tweet Kamala sent out. It’s a photo of her saying something to Joe. Probably something like, “You need to go now and take your nap now, Joe…” But we’re supposed to think that it’s actually Joe and Kamala talking about “kitchen table issues” for America.

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Good grief, right?


Kamala captioned the tweet by saying: “A new year to continue building a better America. Let’s get to work.”

Here are the replies from the right and left:

“A new year for more disappointment”

“Get to work? What have you been doing this entire time?”

“So, you’re just now getting to work, huh?”

“People in the comments are literally begging for student loan cancellations, why don’t get to work on that?”

“Kamala: Let’s go to work! Joe: Sure, Nancy!”

“Didsn’t yall clock in a year ago?” 

“Y’all haven’t been “working” at all? This is so performative lmao”

“I hate to say this because I voted for you, but the other guy worked a lot harder than you two” 

“Cancel student loans. Give us at home tests kits. Do something bro.”

“Yeah, you’ve been doing such a great job so far.LOL”

“Cancel student debt, you irredeemable dipshits”

“I have to work harder because your the reason why Brisk Lemonades are now $1.49 instead of 99 cents”

“These people post more “look how hard I’m working photos” than a sorority girl on a mission trip.”

“Please get to work resigning” 

““Let’s get to work”???? DIDN’T YOU CLOCK IN ALREADY?!!!!!??”

““let’s get to work” bro it’s been a year what have y’all been doing”

“So is that your new year’s resolution? To finally get to work after spending the past year accomplishing nothing? I don’t believe you, but let’s see how it goes.”

“Yes Let’s start a new war for a better america”

“Yall starting now with the work stuff, huh?” 

“My God woman, what have you literally been doing for the past year…”

“Dumb and dumber”

“I’m not voting for these two idiots ever again”

I’m beginning to see why Joe and Kamala’s numbers are in the toilet.


The right thinks these two frauds have done too much “work” destroying the country, and the communists on the left think they haven’t done enough.

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