REPORT: Kardashian Hires Security To Protect New Relationship Beau From Kanye West

REPORT: Kardashian Hires Security To Protect New Relationship Beau From Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to be getting into it after the latter accused the former of preventing him from seeing his children. The founder of SKIMS is said to have increased her security and barred her estranged spouse from entering her home after he called her out publicly.

According to a reliable source, “Since their divorce, Kanye has never been permitted to have unrestricted access to the residence. That has always been extremely obvious and openly agreed upon.” According to a source quoted by The Sun, “He can’t simply stroll in and start doing whatever he wants. He transferred ownership of the home to her, and she compensated him financially.”

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“No one has the right to simply come in,” the source said, but what really enraged Kim was that “he’s now choosing to make it a public struggle – and again include the kids,” the source said. “There is no way that Kim is going to allow Kanye simply wander back into the home, and she has never done so since the day he left,” the person said.

Kim has allegedly “hired a fresh security team – so there was no one with any past relationship to Kanye” in order to ensure that the rapper does not visit her home without her permission. “She does not want to get pulled into any kind of conflict with him,” the insider continued, “but she has had enough of it already.”

According to a reliable source, Kim took the choice in order to safeguard her relationship with Pete Davidson “This causes her great concern, as well as a sense of being under assault. It puts a burden on them, even with Pete’s support. She fears it will destroy all they have worked so hard to build.”

It was said that Kim was “doing her utmost” to establish a boundary between what she engages Pete in and what she did not. Nothing in his life is more important than avoiding having him get involved in a divorce that has nothing to do with him.

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The accusations that Kim had prevented Kanye from visiting their children have been rejected by Kim’s lawyer, Laura Wasser. “Mr. West being separated from the children, whether by security or anybody else, is news to us,” she said. “Throughout this transition and beyond,” the attorney emphasized, “the parties’ top focus has always been ensuring that the children have strong links with both their parents.”

An earlier story said that Pete was beefing up his protection because Kanye threatened to bash him with a new song. In the Yeezy designer’s rap song “My Life Was Never Eazy,” which features The Game, he raps, “God protected me from the accident, just so I can kick Pete Davidson’s as**.”

It has been stated that the comedian is concerned about Ye’s enormous fan following. The insiders informed Radar Online that although Pete is not concerned about Kanye, he is concerned about the large popularity that Kanye has. “His committed followers pay attention to his songs and take action as a result of what they have learned. As a result, Pete has begun to use security measures.”

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“Until recently, Pete did not have security with him while he was out and about, even when he was engaged to Ariana Grande and so required protection. Dating Kim, on the other hand, is a whole new level of celebrity “The sources went into detail. An unnamed “friend” commented on Pete’s intention to beef up his security measures, saying, “Pete is not one to take any risks. When he and Kim go out together, they make advantage of her security. Pete, on the other hand, now need his own protection when he goes out on his own. Pete is still Pete, but now Pete is accompanied by a 6’1″ 220 pound security guard who is also Pete.”




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