Conservative Pundit Katie Pavlich Thinks She Knows Biden’s Next Move, and It’s Hilarious

Conservative Pundit Katie Pavlich Thinks She Knows Biden’s Next Move, and It’s Hilarious


Joe Biden has had a terrible day today.


One of his worst, by far.

His approval is at a horrific 33 percent, inflation at a 40-year-high, supermarket shelves are bare, Joe’s vax mandate got shot down by SCOTUS, and his bid to federalize elections just got killed in the senate.

President Trump is also rubbing salt in Biden’s wounds with his latest statement:

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Psaki Forced to Stand There and Listen While Reporter Rattles Off Biden’s Failures For Over One-Minute Straight

“The Supreme Court has spoken, confirming what we all knew: Biden’s disastrous mandates are unconstitutional. Biden promised to shut down the virus, not the economy but he has failed miserably on both—and mandates would have further destroyed the economy.”

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Well, the last time things got this bad (besides the Afghanistan disaster) was when COVID came roaring back and the economy showed signs of tanking.

So, what did Joe do to smooth things over?

He got a puppy and took some lame PR STUNT photos (nothing against the adorable puppy; he didn’t pick his owners).


Yahoo News reported last month on it, saying, Joe Biden’s administration is going through a rough patch with the president’s economic agenda on the rocks and a new surge of COVID-19. But it’s not all a sad tail in the White House — the Biden family has a new first puppy.

Is Jill teaching Joe how to play catch?

Joe Biden using innocent animals as props is pretty sickening if you ask me. He just got rid of the last dog he used as a prop, poor Major.

But now, after THIS bad day that Joe had, conservative pundit Katie Pavlich thinks Joe’s gonna need a helluva lot more than just one puppy…

She says Biden’s next move is to get another puppy and a kitten. 

Yes, that’s how BAD things are. ha ha ha!

Here’s what Katie wrote in a funny tweet:

“Biden is about to adopt another puppy and a kitten”

I don’t if there’s anything Biden can do, short of resigning, that could help him now.

If he did that, his approval rating would soar.

The thing is, I don’t know how much longer Dems can go on like this.


Sure, he may not always have bad days quite like this, but whatever mental issues Biden’s suffering from seems to be rapidly getting worse, and nearly his entire “agenda” was blocked, the economy is on life support, and inflation is soaring.

2022 is creeping up and things are looking terrible for Team Communist.

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