WATCH: Kayleigh Just Brought Biden To His Knees With This Powerful 30-Second Video

WATCH: Kayleigh Just Brought Biden To His Knees With This Powerful 30-Second Video

Biden’s entire COVID promise has officially collapsed.


It’s dust.

There’s nothing left.

This is Biden’s “Read My Lips” moment.

At this point, all his little spin doctor Jen can do is tread water and make lame excuses.

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When Biden crawled out of his basement to “campaign,” the only thing he could hang his hat on was “beating the virus.”

We were told Biden had a plan. The man with the plan, remember?

He was going to not only cure COVID, but he’d cure cancer, too.


Well, I can tell you that Cancer is still reeling, and Biden’s COVID deaths have surpassed Trump’s.

COVID deaths before Biden inauguration: 408,450

COVID deaths since Biden inauguration: 417,610

And what does Joe Biden have to say about all of this?

Well, he blames it on the unvaccinated.

The man takes no responsibility for anything that he does.


The same thing happened with the Afghanistan debacle – nothing was HIS fault when in actuality it was ALL HIS FAULT.

Well, these lame excuses and blaming unvaccinated Americans aren’t going to fly. We will Hold Biden responsible for all his failures and lies… and our girl Kayleigh is kicking things off with a 40-second video clip that will bring Biden to his shaky knees.


Here are some replies from folks online:

“Any politician claiming to control the climate or a virus should have been laughed off the stage.”

“I’m going to shut down the Virus! 🤣 LETS GO BRANDON”

“‘81 million voters’ should watch this.”

“Lies made, lies kept… Biden is a disaster.”

“Well… we’re waiting.”

“Ask him again tomorrow and get a different answer. Demented.”

“I really hated Obama’s voice. I hate Biden’s voice even more”

“This president has failed. Even on his own terms.”

I can’t recall in the history of our nation, any s0-called “president” failing this horrifically only one year in.

This is a political disaster. Biden shouldn’t even be in the White House, to begin with, and then on top of all that, the carnage and destruction he’s created are jaw-dropping.

But I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse for Joe, and sadly, worse for the country.


But the tide will turn, and things will get better.

2022 is our year.

Stay focused and keep fighting.

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