Actor Kevin Sorbo Just Summed Up This Entire “Insane Era” With One Short Sentence…And it Went Mega-Viral

Actor Kevin Sorbo Just Summed Up This Entire “Insane Era” With One Short Sentence…And it Went Mega-Viral

We’re living in strange times.

Not even “strange,” it’s like some kind of bizzaro world, where down is up and out is in. Nothing makes sense. And you might be asking why… and there are a lot of reasons, but I think one big one is this:


“Every institution has failed, at the same time. Like if every knot in a net were to break at once. One knot breaks, the net holds. All at once? It’s just string.”

He’s right. All of our institutions have fallen.

  1. Millitary
  2. Education
  3. Medical
  4. Media
  5. Government
  6. Supreme Court
  7. Elections

And I’m sure I’m still missing some…

All the people who we trusted and believed in, and thought were “great thinkers,” turned out to be mediocre political hacks, driven by fear, politics, and propaganda.

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And to further that point, actor Kevin Sorbo wrote a brilliant tweet that went mega-viral about this “insane era” that we live in right now, and I think he nailed the insanity perfectly in one brief sentence.

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Here’s what Kevin said: “We live in a time where intelligent people are being silenced so that stupid people won’t be offended.

How true is that?

We’re silencing some of the greatest minds – brilliant doctors, researchers, professors, analysts, and constitutional experts so that stupid people like Fauci, blue-haired crazy teachers, and Joy Reid can set the tone for what is “truth.”

And it’s working, because even the very stupid liberal justices on the Supreme Court are spewing this false propaganda as “truth.”

We’re uplifting the stupid, because we’re too afraid to say, “No, you’re an idiot,” because we don’t want to offend anyone because of their gender (or lack thereof), their skin color, or the type of job they do.

Everything is about “feelings,” and when that happens, the truth gets lost.


Here’s what people online had to say:

“This literally just happened to me on Facebook I was debating constitutional law with a person and then they reported me for bullying, even though I said no four letters swear words or anything of the sort. Now I’m on a seven day ban because they couldn’t handle truth.”

“I’m not sure more true words have ever been tweeted.”

“Sadly, “stupid” can’t be fixed or silenced!”

“This is one of the most accurate summaries I’ve seen to date of the world under an illegitimate regime” 


“Offended is another word for stupid.”

“I don’t think anyone has more perfectly summed up our time.”


We’re witnessing the dumbing-down of American society so the scuzz, not the cream, can rise to the top.

Scary times.

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