[VIDEO] New Kid Rock Song “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” is Really Triggering Liberals

[VIDEO] New Kid Rock Song “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” is Really Triggering Liberals

It’s no surprise that Kid Rock is triggering liberals.


I think him just waking up in the morning causes them to meltdown.

But his new hit single, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” is a bold “in your face” rebuke of the left’s entire agenda, and it’s really got them reeling.

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Of course, this is exactly what Kid Rock was hoping to accomplish with the song – to further offend all the “pansy-ass woke critics, and butt-hurt liberal trolls,” and prove his point about the left’s cancel-culture agenda.

The song features a great, over-the-top video, with Kid Rock looking fantastic – it definitely has a “throwback” feel to Kid’s earlier stuff, from “Devil Without a Cause.”

The outrage from hysterical communists was so loud that Kid Rock took notice and addressed it on social media.

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Here’s what Kid Rock wrote in part on Facebook to all the sad snowflakes:


“All you pansy ass woke critics and trolls are exactly what brought me to create ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live.’ Thank you for the inspiration! Keep shoveling coal on the fire you idiots! I fucking love it! To the Kid Rock dysfunctional family, we already know there is NO tribe like ours in music, period.”

You can watch the video below:

Kid Rock recently revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic gave him the time he needed to write new music, saying, “I haven’t this much time to work on music since my first record.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Kid Rock plans to release a 50-song triple-album this year, made up of 10 hip-hop tracks, 10 rock tracks, 10 country tracks, and 20 previously unreleased cuts.

WOW! 50 songs?


Looks like the snowflakes will have A LOT to be offended by!

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