[VIDEO] The Left Just Accidentally Gave Away Their Entire Blueprint for America’s Kids, And It’s Scary

[VIDEO] The Left Just Accidentally Gave Away Their Entire Blueprint for America’s Kids, And It’s Scary

Dems have been trying like crazy to “tone it down.” They know the radical progressive wing is causing them major problems right now, with all this kooky and very dangerous stuff they’re peddling.


But it’s too late, they gave them a seat at the “big boy” table, and now good luck getting rid of them.

Thanks to the radicals we’ve got 67 genders, men beating women in high school and college sports, critical race theory, BLM torching cities, normalizing pedophilia, and defunding the police., just to name a few.

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No sane person wants to live in a progressive world. It sounds like one of the most awful, dystopian, godless hell-holes ever.

Everybody scared to death to say the wrong thing, eating bugs, living in a pod, and driving to work in a windmill-powered turnip cart.

Why would anyone want that?

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But that is what they’re pushing.

However, they really don’t want you to know all that. They’d prefer for you to think that the world they’re building is a happy, all-inclusive utopia, where everyone is smiling and laughing, and loving everyone and everything on the planet.

But every once in a while, they slip up and give the game away.

And I found one of those times…

In case you’re always wondering why the left is obsessed over kids, it’s because they want your children from cradle to grave… and I mean they really want them… You’re to have no part in your child’s life.

It’s the communist way.

And that’s exactly what they’re working towards.

And no, this isn’t some kook fringe thing.

It’s from Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC.


The video is 10-years-old, so this has been in the works for a very long while.

In the video, Harris-Perry explains how it’s time to get rid of the idea that kids belong to their parents or a family.


Truly bone-chilling stuff.

Here’s what people online are saying about this:

“The American way of life depends on us stopping this effort to destroy the family. Parents are at the center of raising the next generation to maintain our Republic.”

“Children belong to their parents/legal guardians. It’s not up to the state, to raise them, unless they’re completely orphaned. This is an ideology, that comes straight out of communism & it’s disgusting how MSNBC is allowing this propaganda to go unchallenged.”

““Kids belong to the community” uhh the hell they do! This is how to make good people snap.”

“Translation: Kids belong to the government.”

“Every GOP candidate should simply run this clip over and over in the fall, and simply add a slogan at the bottom: “Had enough? Vote Republican”.”

“Sounds like forced collectivist commie bullsh*t.”

“Straight up Communists”

This is the plan: The left wants a genderless, parentless, masked-up society, and in order to do that, they need to break up the family unit.

Can’t have pesky parents around, ruining the plan, right? How could these commies mold your kids into whatever they want them to be, if you’re hanging around?


This line of thinking is probably a very strong thread that runs through our education system nowadays since so many hard-line progressive women are into teaching.

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